A drunk quantity surveyor became aggressive with his wife after a wine tasting

A quantity surveyor escaped with a judicial reprimand today after getting drunk at a wine tasting and then getting ‘hungry’ and screaming at his wife over a takeaway meal.

John Dougan, 46, who provides services to schools and the prison sector, became “aggressive because he was hungry” after the cheese and wine roundup, Falkirk Sheriff Court said.

He had gone to bed to sleep without drinking wine, but woke up later wanting food.

He told his wife, Susan Dougan, that she was “incapable of caring for a human being”.

Prosecutor Fiona Griffin said the incident left Ms Dougan, 47, “extremely anxious” around him.

The couple are now divorcing.

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The court heard the incident happened on September 26 last year (2021) at the home the couple then shared in Slamannan Road, Falkirk.

Miss Griffin said: “The witness and the defendant were out for a wine tasting experience in Falkirk. They were out until 6.30pm and both had been drinking.

“The accused went to bed due to his state of intoxication.

“He woke up at 11 p.m. and became aggressive towards Ms. Dougan because he was hungry.”

Ms. Dougan therefore telephoned her sister.

Miss Griffin said: “While she was on the phone the defendant was heard yelling and swearing at Ms Dougan.

“The police were contacted and the accused continued to shout and swear which could be heard during the police call.

“He can be heard making various comments directed at Susan Dougan, about her inability to care for a human being.”

The court heard Ms Dougan, who had been with Dougan for 10 years and married to him for eight years, wanted non-harassment to be in place ‘as long as possible’ to prevent him from having contact with her .

Dougan, now from Glasgow, pleaded guilty last October (2021) to committing a domestic aggravated breach of the lawful peace, and the sentence was postponed at that time for his good behaviour.

When he reappeared in court today, defense attorney Derek Buchanan said there were no subsequent incidents – and Dougan had no history of domestic offenses .

He asked the court not to impose a non-harassment order, which would have legally barred Dougan from approaching or contacting his estranged wife, as a pending order could jeopardize his disclosure status since Dougan’s work Dougan involved schools and the Scottish Prison Service.

He said: “This was a completely isolated incident.

“Mr and Mrs Dougan had gone to a cheese and wine event, far too much alcohol had been consumed and there had been an argument over a take-out meal.

“The incident ended the relationship and both sides intend to divorce.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston reprimanded Dougan for being well-behaved since last October’s postponement.

He said: “The social inquiry report says he loves his wife and misses not being able to talk to her or see her.”

But he said he had accepted assurances that he would have no further contact with her.

He said: “Under the circumstances, I am satisfied that it is not necessary to issue a non-harassment order on the basis that he has no intention of contacting her.

“If it turns out to be otherwise, there will be quite serious consequences.”

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