A Guide to the Portland Craft Beer Festival 2022 – New School Beer + Cider

Just give them your tickets:

Laurelwood Brewing Hazy Flamingo Fruited Tart IPA – How does Feral Girl Summer taste? Look no further than the zesty Laurelwood pie, tangy lime and smooth tropical passion fruit and lactose-free IPA that guest reviewer Andi Prewitt can’t get enough of.

Little Beast Brewing Electric Sunshine – Little Beast succeeds with its two festival offers. Electric Sunshine is a very tangy and thirst-quenching fruit tart reminiscent of pink lemonade. On the sourer end of the spectrum, but just the ticket for someone into those flavors or looking for a change of pace or a palate cleanser from the more malty, hoppy beers.

Little Beast Brewing Fera Brett Beer – is one of the quintessential offerings of the little beasts and pouring it alongside the altogether different Electric Sunshine really shows off their range. This farmhouse style brett is lightly malty, earthy, spicy funk, slightly tart, complex and drinkable for the sophisticated palate.

Wayfinder Beer Hell – what’s not to love about this award-winning, world-class lager? Trying against some of the other Helles pouring out at this festival and the rest haven’t even held a cup up to this gold standard of Oregon style.

West Coast Grocery Tayberry Sour – Tart, dry and slightly earthy berry flavors, goes down like a Jello shot.

Threshold Brewing Good Dog Guava – A fruity sour kettle that captures sherbet like guava flavors in a slightly tart beer with just a light hop on the finish. Now, who’s a good boy?

Montavilla Lickety Split Kolsch – Light and drinkable with enough hops to please our Northwest palates, but not to subdue them either.

Brewery Ex Novo Pearl Haggard Pilsner – An Oregon Beer Award-winning Pilsner that does everything you want it to do. Sweet, honeyed malts with a honey-like body but finishing quite crisp and dry and just the perception of sweetness at first, lots of floral, savory and minty noble hops to delight the palate without becoming overly bitter.

Gigantic Brewing Project Pilsner (Crystal) – Gigantic Brewing’s ongoing single-hop Pilsner series is a fun exploration of hops in a typically not-so-hop style. The light delivery mechanism is well designed and every beer in this series is worth trying. But what’s not to love about Crystal hops? This somewhat old school variety has gone out of fashion but is now making a comeback, be in tune with the times and try this beer.

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