Bronco Wine Company fire damage estimated at $ 2.5 million in Napa | Local News


“The majority of the damage was confined to the roof… so there isn’t a lot of real structural damage to the building,” Belyea said. Bronco Wine Company should still be able to “do business” from the facility, he said.

Belyea said he had observed “no damage” to the offices of the building. The warehouse looked “fairly full” at the time of the fire, he said.

The facility is temperature controlled, like most wine storage facilities, Belyea said. He could not confirm whether the fire had degraded temperature controls.

Firefighters stayed behind after containment to help with the “overhaul,” Upton said: by scouring the inventory in the warehouse, looking for remaining hot spots and cleaning up.

Heat from the rooftop fire “caused a skylight to fail,” Belyea said, and a fire fell on an inventory, triggering the facility’s sprinkler system, he explained. The facility’s inventory was stored in cardboard boxes that had been wrapped in plastic film, according to Belyea.

The water degraded the cardboard, creating a “risk of falling from a height,” Upton said. Teams were on site today to help mitigate the danger and move surviving stocks elsewhere, she said.

It was not immediately clear how many cases or which wines were lost in the incident. Bronco Wine produces “over 60 brands” according to its website, the best known of which may be Charles Shaw, or Two Buck Chuck, and typically sells for $ 1.99 at Trader Joe’s.

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