Bundschu Company Launches Towle Wine Company, Providing Personalized Wine Services to Business Customers Nationwide


Multigenerational Family Business Expands Sonoma Footprint, Extending Owner-Operated Properties and On-Site Winemaking in Sonoma Valley

SONOMA, CA (September 8, 2021) –The Bundschu Company announces the launch of Towle Wine Company (TWC), a new bespoke wine and grinding service company based in the heart of the Sonoma Valley. From ground to cellar, Towle Wine Company provides a variety of personalized wine making services to commercial clients, including vineyard management, grape processing and pressing, fermentation, aging and bottling. As the 2021 harvest kicks off, the launch of TWC reinforces the Bundschu company’s long-standing commitment to the Sonoma Valley while strategically expanding and diversifying the family’s business portfolio.

The 19,000 square foot facility is located on the same property as Abbot’s Passage, a Bundschu Company winery that opened in 2020. It has two production environments and extensive bottling capacity and is overseen by Towle Merritt, sixth generation winemaker and Chief Operating Officer of Bundschu. Society. The facilities are run by an elite winemaking and cellar team with extensive experience in producing high quality wine across a variety of prices.

Additionally, TWC recently signed a lease for an additional facility in the Sonoma Valley to expand its bespoke wine making services beyond its home in Glen Ellen. The facility, which is located at 14335 Sonoma Highway in Glen Ellen, began processing and producing wine with the start of the 2021 harvest.

“As multigenerational winemakers, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to invest in our local industry in a way that we have never done before. Sonoma has been our home for over 160 years, and we want to contribute to the future of our family business and others here for generations to come. With so many local businesses centralized and outsourced to much more remote locations, we saw the opportunity to create an innovative and diverse wine business that is committed to quality, transparency, sustainability and value, ”said Jeff, President and CEO of Bundschu Company. Bundschu. Bundschu leads all branding for TWC’s clients, leveraging his years of experience creating brands and visuals at the intersection of style, culture and meaning.

“We are excited to use our vast wealth of knowledge and expertise to help create brands and cultivate new ones, with clients who share our passion and values,” said Merritt. “We thrive by sharing our culture, our land, our wines and our unique experiences that have been cultivated over six generations by working the same land in the same industry. “

The TWC facility, located at 777 Madrone Road, has a capacity of over 2,000 tonnes, storage of over 500,000 gallons (10,000 square foot fermentation cellar, 7,000 square foot bottling plant, micro – 2,000 square foot vineyard, 60 stainless steel tanks), wine storage in barrels and a bottling line of 2,000 cases per day.

About Towle Wine Company:

Towle Wine Company is a new generation wine company located in the Sonoma Valley. TWC works directly with retail customers and businesses to create meaningful wines to drive profit and engagement. The team specializes in providing premium wine production services to wineries, merchants and private / control labels, hiring top quality staff and using cutting edge technology. With 160 years of experience in multigenerational family winemaking, Towle Wine Company is a leader in creating wines from the best California appellations. For more information, visit www.towlewineco.com.

About the Bundschu company:

For six generations, the family-owned Bundschu de Sonoma has been producing quality wine and creating vibrant experiences. Since 1858, the company has put wine at the center of everything it does, but has also embodied the belief that quality wine should not be separated from experience, but that one enhances – and connects. – the other. Since then, the multigenerational company has deliberately developed a portfolio of wineries and brands that each uniquely embody this spirit, including Gundlach Bundschu, Abbot’s Passage, Towle Wine Company and Huichica Music Festival. As the Bundschu company honors the family legacy, it seeks the future by cultivating a diverse business at the intersection of wine and leading experiences, investing in innovation and sustainable practices, and championing the next generation of diverse leaders. For more information, please visit www.bundschu.com


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