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If you want to buy a car, the purchase is increasingly realized by a car loan, because often the savings are not enough for a new vehicle. As a car loan is usually a cheap form of auto financing, where it does not matter whether a new or used cars should be purchased. The car loan offers the buyer the advantage of being able to act as a cash payer at the car dealer, which makes it possible to negotiate significant discounts. Of course, this is only possible if you apply for a car loan from a bank and not from the dealer. More of this story:

Often, the car banks of dealers offer cheap car loans, but you should best calculate whether these offers really worthwhile or whether it would not be cheaper to apply for a car loan at another bank and then hope for a discount at the car dealer. On the Internet you have the opportunity to compare offers for a car loan and to find a suitable and cheap car loan. With our free loan calculator you can compare online offers for the car loan from numerous providers.

Calculate offers for a car loan online & compare!

Calculate offers for a car loan online & compare!


To be able to compare offers for a car loan, you have to know how much the loan amount you want to take and how long the term should be. With these two details you can then start a credit comparison on the Internet. A loan calculator offers after a few moments a good overview of various offers for a car loan.

It is easy to see that the cheapest offers come from online or direct banks, because they pass on their savings in administrative, rental and personnel costs to their customers, thus making it possible to offer attractive car loan options.

Since the displayed interest rates are mostly credit-dependent, it is important to obtain personal credit offers, because depending on the creditworthiness of the prospect, the interest rate may fluctuate, because the better the credit rating, the lower the interest on the car loan. An individual offer for a car loan can be requested quickly and easily via the online form .

In addition, you can check at the Internet address also determine cheap car loans by comparison.

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