Chinese wine company fined for using Chairman Mao’s image


A wine company in Tianjin, China has been fined for featuring Chairman Mao’s image in its advertisements.

According to an announcement made by the Tianjin Administration for Market Regulation, they were initially investigating a suspicious wine company selling imported wine with a total value of around RMB 180,000 without Chinese labels in November 2020.

Additionally, officials discovered photos of heads of state and advertisements claiming that the wine was “the Georgian wine that Stalin served Chairman Mao on his first overseas trip to Moscow.”

In addition to breaking China’s food safety law because they did not comply with Chinese label requirements, the company was found guilty of abusing the image of state governors in advertisements.

As reported, during the investigation, the suspected company cooperated and closed the store in time for rectification and immediately replaced the advertising content.

In view of the illegal acts, officials confiscated 74 bottles and fined half of the total import value of the goods. In addition, the case of publication of alleged illegal advertising will be dealt with separately.

According to the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China, it is prohibited to associate advertisements with government officials. Violators can face a fine of 200,000 RMB to 1 million RMB.

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