D-Nice invests in the French wine company Maison Marcel


D-Nice is putting his money into something he knows very well. Wine! The legendary DJ has decided to invest in Maison Marcel!

DJ D-Nice doesn’t just spin records, but tries to spin the bottle. But not as you might think …

According to Drinksbusiness.com, the founder of Club Quarantine recently invested in a French wine company Maison Marcel. The investment was made public on Tuesday, September 21.

Albert Dahan, CEO of Maison Marcel, released a statement about the DJ and host of Boogie Down Production whose real name is Derrick Jones: “We are honored to have an icon like D-Nice as an investor. His passion for parties and conviviality corresponds directly to the ethics of our brand.

“Not only does it taste refined,” he continued. “But his finger is on the pulse of culture in a unique and broad way. His biological affinity for our wines was a clear sign that we were doing something right. A deeper partnership was the next logical step.

The DJ, who is known for sipping Merlot during his set, said of his new investment: “I have cultivated a deep appreciation for wine over the years. It is my favorite drink when it comes to partying and relaxing.

Its Club Quarantine was born out of the chaos of the 2020 pandemic and the global shutdown and has provided thousands of people with a safe space to relax, unload and unwind during one of the world’s most uncertain times. Lots of wine allowed his revelers to spend the nights at his nightly shows. Investing in a wine he liked was “obvious”.

“When a friend introduced me to Maison Marcel, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of; the quality of the wine is unmatched and versatile for any occasion or food pairing. I am excited about the opportunity to be part of the brand, ”he said.

D-Nice as a brand is more important than just an Instagram party. For the artists of “Crumbs on the Table”, it’s about using his gift to give back and have fun – as his mentor Scott La Rock did before his tragic death in 1987.

This new wine effort aligns perfectly.

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