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Photo credit: WILL BUCQUOY

High Media Group Seth Semiloff – live from the Aston Martin residences – and Laura Schreffler joined Danica Patrick — live from Sanctuary Camelback Mountain, a Gurney’s Resort — for a tasting of its Somnium and Danica Rose wines. Find out what happened next and check out the racing legend wines below!


Danica PatrickPhoto credit: WILL BUCQUOY

Best known for her prowess behind the wheel of a race car, Danica Patrick achieved international fame for more than a decade. She started racing go-karts at age ten and stunned the world in 2005 when she finished fourth in her first-ever Indianapolis 500, leading the pack for 19 laps. Three years later, she became the first woman to win an IndyCar Series event with her victory in the 2008 Indy Japan 300. Moving on to production cars, she went on to break records competing in NASCAR’s top series . Her path to winemaking came from her racing days in England, where she discovered a love of wine and fell in love with French varietals like Chablis and Sancerre. Her growing passion for wine led her to purchase a vineyard in Napa Valley and launch her own wine brand, Somnium. Following the success of Somnium, it added a new wine label Danica Rosé, an accessible French rosé wine produced in the traditional Provençal style.


Danica PatrickPhoto credit: WILL BUCQUOY

  1. “I have always rooted my existence and at least be authentic. You may not like me, but at least you know that when you meet me, what you see is what you get. I think there is nothing more authentic in this theme than making a rose from Provence.

2. “I’m like a car, right? You know you can’t crush the car too much or it’s not a nice car anymore so everything I do I try my best to make sure it’s of the highest standard, that it is of the best quality. In the end, it comes down to ‘do I want to drink it?
Do I want to consume it? Do I want to try it? It doesn’t matter what business I’m involved in, usually like the ones I start. I want them all to be products that I would like to consume on a regular basis, otherwise it doesn’t really pass the test.

3. “On the bottle you will see the word “Somnium” which is Latin which means dream. Dream, that is, the life of mental life. It is an invitation to be present with the company with which you are, with where you are, and you know, putting your cell phone aside and putting your worries aside and just logging in. I think that’s really the most important message with my wines – that they are meant to bring people together.

4. “I can always hang my hat on those few times I beat [guys like Dale Earnhart Jr. and Dario Franchitti]. When I’m old and gray I’ll still tell this story… One of my funnest times was at Kansas Motor Speedway… and I passed Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. on the same corner. I remember then – and Tony Stewart was my boss – thinking, “I passed them for third, I was running sixth and I passed them.” After… Tony was like, ‘YYou know, you ripped the stickers off my car by the way. I thought, ‘Did I do something wrong?’ and he just meant that I was very fast.


Danica PatrickPhoto credit: SOMNIUM

Danica Rose

Somnium Sauvignon Blanc

Somnium Cabernet Sauvignon

Where to buy: Somnium

Where to buy: Danica Rosé.


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