Dune Bird Winery in Northport Puts a twist on traditional wine tasting

If you’re looking for a glass of red or white wine with a twist, Dune Bird Winery in Northport may be the next stop to add to your Northern Michigan wine tour.

In addition to wine, the Dune Bird winery also features a premium espresso bar.

“We really wanted to uplift non-alcoholics. We really wanted to make a place for families to come and people who aren’t necessarily looking for a glass of wine, but the atmosphere that a winery provides,” said Nicole White, co-owner of Dune Bird. Winery.

The owners, Nicole and Beau White, have two young children themselves and wanted family to be at the heart of Dune Bird.

“We wanted to create a space where children feel welcome, where they want to come. But that’s not just correct; mom and dad are going on a date, or mom and a group of friends, and I don’t have a babysitter, so I have to go with me, but they have a place where they can recognize and remember the fun things that are there,” White said

Their children inspired the Dune Bird boxes. Each child who comes receives a box with toys to play with while they are in the cellar.

“It’s probably the same thing they have in their playroom at home, but it feels special,” White said.

And having a strong family base is how the Whites, a military family, overcame the challenges of opening their small business.

It was Beau’s first year undeployed, but the war in Ukraine quickly changed. He is now working abroad for a non-governmental organization, but that doesn’t stop them from realizing their dream.

“Ultimately, like the grand scheme of life, having him serve in that capacity gives us such strength because it gives us perspective,” White said. “I will enjoy this forever, and I think it is exactly where it needs to be.”

The Dune Bird staff steps in to help Nicole keep the doors open when her partner isn’t around.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more accepted by other employees and other jobs I’ve had,” said Tasting Room Assistant Miah McCallister. “Leaning on each other has been a great thing for all of us.

Nicole says this is just the beginning for Dune Bird Winery. They plan to open a large sandbox for the kids to play and provide lawn games.

They also have a wide range of small griddles.

To learn more about Dune Bird Winery, mynorth.com.

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