Fans complain about Holly and Phil after wine tasting

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield enjoyed a wine tasting segment today (March 24) on the show.

The duo and wine expert Helen McGinn offered their advice on the best drinks for Mother’s Day.

However, after the segment aired, ITV viewers took to Twitter with a small complaint about the pair – and poor Helen.

Especially after a little alcoholic blooper by Holly…

Phil and Holly hosted a Mother’s Day wine tasting segment this morning today. (ITV)

What happened this morning today?

This morning’s hosts, Holly and Phil, were joined in the studio by Helen, who presented the hosts with an assortment of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines.

The hosts duly obliged to taste the wines as Helen talked about the tastes, prices and where to buy the wines.

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Phil was seen swirling the wine around his mouth before gulping it down like a true pro.

Holly, meanwhile, took sips of her own before delivering her verdict.

At one point, near the end of the tasting segment, Holly made a slight blooper.

She misheard Helen’s description of a wine, thinking she had called the red “Cabernet Plonk”.

As a result, the studio descended into chaos, with Holly, Phil and Helen doubling up laughing as they clutched their wine glasses.

So perhaps it was this incident that led viewers to say that the hosts were perhaps a little tipsy – or pretending to be!

Helen McGinn, Wine Expert This Morning
This morning wine expert Helen McGinn (Credit: ITV)

What have viewers said about Holly and Phil?

One of them said, “It’s aI will pretend to be drunk.”

Another said: “False drunk time.

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A third commented on Helen and said: “Is the wine lady on #This morning already drunk?

They are oneI will pretend to be drunk.

“Have to be drunk to watch it to be honest!!!” said a cruel spectator.

Another said Holly was drunk “after a few drinks”, as another commented: “At the bottom of the hatch, Holly.”

Phillip Schofield drinking wine
Phillip is actually a wine enthusiast, actually (Credit: ITV)

This morning host Phil ‘the wine connoisseur’

Phil was also criticized for his behavior during the segment.

One viewer commented: “Phil chewing the wine.

A second added:Phil the wine lover.

Phillip actually has his own brand of wine, so he might know a thing or two about the drink.

And, eco fans, there’s also a flatpack bottle made from recycled materials.

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