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An amortized loan 

An amortized loan 

An amortized loan is a loan where payments are the same amount each month. Each payment pays some of the interest on the loan and some of the most important or borrowed amounts. An amortized loan can be total, which means that the payments will remain the same until the stipulated period when the loan is paid out. Alternatively, partially depreciated loans mean that at the end of the stipulated payment period, a large extra payment is called a balloon payment from there right.

Generally, an auto loan is likely to be a amortized loan. Especially in the first months of the loan, most of the payment is likely to be in the interest of interest. Very little of the early payouts will actually pay off principal due to the fact that the amortized loan charges all interest in advance. So with all amortized loans, the payment to the principal gradually increases and interest payments fall even though the amount paid is the same.

Disadvantage of an amortized loan

Disadvantage of an amortized loan

The disadvantage of an amortized loan in the first few years is that the percentage of property actually owned can be very small. In an amortized loan for a vehicle, there is usually a point where the resale value of the car is much lower than the actual amount one would owe on the car whose paw immediately.

This head effect arises because one has spent so little on the actual principal and so much on interest. There is usually a pay-off amount that is less than the total amount due on the loan. This cannot match the actual value of the car.

Looking at a home amortized loan, one would see the same effect if house values ​​were lost. For example, in a 15-year $ 100,000 (USD) amortized 7% interest rate loan, the payment is close to $ 900 per month. Principal paid during the first year varies from about 300-400 USD per monthly payment. A larger amount of payment, about $ 500- $ 600, pays interest on amortized loans.

At the end of the first year of this amortized loan, one could have $ 3600-4200 paid principal. If the house values ​​fall $ 10,000 in that year, and one has to sell the house, one would do so at a loss that affects the amount of any down payment you could get back. Even two or three years for payments, falling real estate values ​​could mean that the sale of the home could result in a total loss of a first payment.

You can generally get more ownership of a property by paying additional amounts to the principal of the amortized loan. Normally, one must first find out if the lending agency will provide extra payments to the principal. In addition, one should make sure that payments to the principal are clearly labeled and credited as such by the bank or loan company. Sometimes an additional deposit on an amortized loan is seen as an early start on your next scheduled payment. Be sure to check that the bank is actually crediting these payments “to the principal.”

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What is a Loan Services? Sat, 27 Apr 2019 14:29:51 +0000 Read more…]]>

A loan service company

A loan service company

A loan service company is a business unit that handles loans either on its own behalf or to another company. People with outstanding loans submit their payments to this company and it handles the charging of interest, fees, insurance payments, and other costs associated with the loan. Loan service is a very large industry worldwide and includes a mix of public and private companies with different areas of specialty.

When a company comes out of a loan, it has the opportunity to hold the loan or sell it to another party. In either case, the owner of the loan may decide to service it in-house if it has staff to do so, or to outsource loan servicing to another company. The loan service company specializes in loan management. Employees all have extensive training in managing debtors and loans, and the company offers full service, including answering questions from borrowers, foreclosing assets, if the debtor does not keep up with payments, and terminating the lien at the end of a loan.

Borrowers send payments to the loan service company and may be able to use online and telephone payment systems beyond the post. The service company calculates and collects interest. It can also handle other loan expenses, depending on the structure of the loan, such as collecting property taxes for escrow accounts or collecting private mortgage insurance payments from the borrower. It charges a fee for these services, and typically companies will receive a discount when opening contracts on large packages of loans.

When the problems with the loan arise, the loan services handle them. This includes delayed payments, requests for Frankenstein or indulgence, and so on. The company is working to solve the problem if possible and to take the collection actions if this is not an option. It may have internal collection services or may choose to outsource this to another party.

Borrowers and loan service companies both have rights and responsibilities under the law, although the precise laws may vary depending on the location. Usually, loan servicers need to notify borrowers of changes such as the sale of loans and the changes to the terms. They also need to provide contact information and statements upon request so that borrowers can determine if their accounts are in good standing. There is also an obligation to maintain privacy by protecting confidential information about borrowers, such as CPR numbers. On the other hand, borrowers need to keep abreast of payments, provide up-to-date contact information, and contact the loan service provider if they expect repayment problems.

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Guaranteed Auto Loans Wed, 10 Apr 2019 15:42:06 +0000 Read more…]]>

The Guaranteed Auto Loans brand is a great solution for those people whom banks refused to grant credit for a car. This lender knows that good deals have to be taken very quickly, which is why it offers cash to buy a car in 24 hours.

Guaranteed Auto Loans – Offer

Guaranteed Auto Loans - Offer

The brand offers loans in the amount of PLN 2,500 to PLN 25,000 for the periods of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. Such a long repayment period makes it possible to set a convenient, low installment even for liabilities in the maximum amount, thanks to which monthly fees are not a burden for the customer’s home budget.

Guaranteed Auto Loans – Formalities

Guaranteed Auto Loans - Formalities

A car loan can be used by a person between the ages of 18 and 75, who has the status of a resident (residing in Poland). The potential client must demonstrate financial ability to pay the monthly installment of the loan, but he does not need to present a certificate of income.

It is also necessary to have a special guarantor to undertake this type of obligation, which may be, for example, a family member or friend. Such a guarantor should be financially stable and in its credit history it can not have any black spots in the form of late repayment of commitments. The guarantor must also be aware that in the event of problems with the borrower’s repayment of obligations, he will be obliged to pay the remaining installments.

The car that the customer intends to buy with a loan must also meet several additional requirements. It must be a passenger car or a delivery vehicle (up to 3.5 t), the only owner of which will be the borrower. In addition, the car must have a vehicle card and an OC policy.

Guaranteed Auto Loans – Reviews

Guaranteed Auto Loans - Reviews

The lender’s offer is perceived on the Polish financial services market as a great alternative to bank loans. Customers appreciate that the brand gives them help in buying a car even when they have been denied by other financial institutions. At the same time, the lender maintains the highest quality standards and attention to the financial situation of the consumer. The brand received the Certificate of a Responsible Loan Lender for its transparent activity.

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Loan Without Collateral – No Proof of Security Required! Tue, 19 Mar 2019 02:40:39 +0000 Read more…]]>

Do you still need money on your account today? We introduce you to credit providers, where you still get money on the account today. In addition to the credit providers, we will inform you about other ways in which you can still make money today without having to take out a loan.

These providers allow a payout today on the account

These providers allow a payout today on the account

Germany’s fastest short-term loan

If you book the eExpress option at Neofunding, you will receive your credit within the same working day. The credit is usually in 30 minutes. Requirement: You have completed the video identification and online signature immediately after the application has been submitted. Monday to Friday until 15 o’clock.

The eExpress option costs 39 €

Representative example: With a net loan amount of € 199 and a term of 30 days, borrowing costs amount to € 2.14 at an annual percentage rate of 13.9% pa. Processing fee: 0.00%, debit interest pa: 13.9%

Here you always get a fast payout. The provider grants short-term and mini loans up to 3000 euros. Neofunding specializes in these short-term transactions and can provide you with a loan payment in just 60 minutes. On the same day you have the opportunity to get paid 1000 €. Today still money on the account? No problem with Neofunding. All you need to do is book the eExpress option; However, there are extra costs for the fast processing.

The prerequisite for getting money here is that you have a regular income, so that you can pay back the money in the given time. If you do not have a problem, then take advantage of the opportunity to get money at such short notice.

Viloan – immediate payment despite private credit

The super deal from Viloan

Within 24 hours, the credit is in your account. Prerequisite: The loan application is on weekdays, until 15 o’clock, completely done.

The eExpress option costs 39 – 99 €

Representative example: With a net loan amount of € 199 and a term of 30 days, an annual interest of 7.95% pa will incur € 1.25 in borrowing costs. Processing fee: 0,00%, debit interest pa: 7,95%

Here you get a quick payout, without an entry in your private credit takes place. Viloan offers mini loans up to 1,500 euros. Here you will receive a loan within 24 hours. As a new customer you can get up to 600 euros money; as a regular customer up to 600 euros.
Through the offered new customer deal, the application is processed and paid quickly. Provided there is a positive decision for the loan. Lightning transfers are possible but incur additional charges.

Zaloan Money – 1,000 euros without proof of income

Zaloan Money - 1,000 euros without proof of income

The Express service

Within 24 hours, the money is in your account. Prerequisite: The application was completed on a working day until 12 o’clock.

The eExpress option costs 29 – 299 €

Representative example: With a net loan amount of € 100 and a term of 30 days, an annual percentage rate of 10.36% pa will incur a credit charge of € 0.85. Processing fee: 0.00%, debit interest pa: 10.36%

With Zaloan Money, you as a new customer can borrow up to 600 euros on the same day. If you are already a regular customer, an amount up to € 1,500 is possible. By eExpress option Zaloan offers a payout today. The lightning transfer is chargeable and depends on the amount of the loan. With Zaloan Money you get an instant loan with private credit entry, as well as without proof of income.

Today still money on account – advisor

There are situations in life where short term money is needed, which is not available right now. This can be an emergency such as a car repair, new glasses, a washing machine or to pay an urgent bill. For these cases there are credit providers who lend money within a few hours. If you too need money today, read on and find out how you too can make money on such short notice. In addition to being able to borrow money very quickly, we also offer you more ways to start earning money right away.

Are loans that are paid out immediately reputable?

Are loans that are paid out immediately reputable?

Anyone who has applied for a loan with immediate payment 10 years ago and with offers such as: “Here you can lend money immediately and quickly !” Or “Loan payment in a few minutes!” Has been advertised, was considered dubious. Loans always had a rather long processing time of several days and weeks. A quick payout to the account was simply not possible. Therefore, behind many of these promises usually resourceful loan sharks have hid, the dubious loans have offered.

The digital transformation in the credit industry has changed this. Fully automated application processes, smartphone online identification, algorythmic credit check and many other techniques have made it possible to borrow money today within 24 hours and this is actually on the same day in the account. For about 6 years, there are now Onlinkredit providers offering an immediate payment. Behind them are big and well-known providers such as Targobank or Creditplus, but also small providers such as Neofunding and Viloan, which are established in the market. Therefore, one can say that loans with immediate payment are considered reputable because they are now possible. To be on the safe side you will find only reputable providers where you still get money on the account today

Alternative to get money on the account today

Alternative to get money on the account today

In addition to the above listed mini loans, there are other types of credit where it is possible to get a loan within 24 hours. Here are the best known ones.

  • The mini loan : This loan has been in existence for about 6 years now. The mini loan is only available online. Loan amounts of 50 – 3,000 euros are possible. The maturities are in sections at 7 days – 3 months. A mini loan can be paid out right away and, in our opinion, is the best way to borrow money today.
  • Small loan with immediate payment : This includes normal online loans with which a fully digital loan is possible. Due to the completely digital processing, it is possible to receive a payment today. Online loans with a fully digital loan usually take 1-2 working days to pay the loan
  • The mortgage loan: If you used to have fast money in the past, it was customary to go around the corner to the pawnbroker, provided you had an item that you could exchange as a deposit. Even today, there are still several pawn shops. The advantage is obvious. You get the loan directly in cash and the money does not have to be transferred to the account. However, the mortgage loan is also one of the most expensive loans with enormously high interest rates. Therefore, we advise against a pawnshop.
  • The credit line: Probably the fastest way to borrow money, provided you get a credit line approved. The credit line intervenes if you have no money in the account. Depending on your credit rating, you will be assigned a discretionary framework that you can exploit. For this the bank demands interest. These are higher than a mini loan, but you get the money directly at the machine, without a loan application.

The simplest solution is here in the mini loan. This is quickly applied for from home and depending on the loan amount also for people with medium credit. A mini loan is also possible if you are denied a credit line.

What you should pay attention to ensure that it works out the same day

What you should pay attention to ensure that it works out the same day

Now each mini loan provider has its own requirements for the loan to be paid out to the account today, but there are also a few basic criteria that should be met if it is to work with the fast credit. Here are the key points to make it possible with the loan today:

  • Make the loan application in the morning
    Various factors influence the processing of your loan application. So also the time of the application. For many providers, the entire process must be completed between 13-15 clock, so it works with the payment on the same day. So that everything really can be done in a timely manner, you should make the loan application tomorrow.
  • A quick payout is not possible at the weekend
    Onlinkredit providers also have fixed opening hours. Mostly only the help hotline is available at the weekend. An immediate payment is therefore not possible. If you apply for a loan on Saturdays, the money can not be paid out until Monday at the earliest. If you need a loan quickly on Fridays, you should apply in the morning, otherwise there is a whole weekend between application and payment
  • Use the video identification method
    To get a loan you have to identify yourself. In order for this to happen quickly, you must carry out a video identification procedure after the application has been submitted. Please note that you need an internet-enabled smartphone or a PC with a webcam to work with the Ident method. Without online identification, the processing can not take place on the same day.
  • Select the EExpress or Lightning Transfer
    With the providers listed above, you can choose between a standard payment and an eExpress payment. While in the standard variant, the payout is at least 2-3 days, the loan is paid in the eExpress payment directly after a positive credit decision. So if you need money today, you should select the immediate payment in the application process.

If you pay attention to these four points, then you can immediately get a loan on the account . Your chances are then not bad to get a loan today.

There may be fees for an immediate payment!
An eExpress transfer or immediate payment can certainly bring high costs. Many providers of mini-credit require high fees, if a fast processing with immediate payment is chosen, so you still get money on the account today. We advise against the sometimes expensive offers. Many of the recommended providers pay the loan within a few days even without immediate payment. So check to see if you really need the money today. In the following, we will show you the costs of the individual providers, which can arise with a quick payout. 

The costs and requirements for an immediate payment

The costs and requirements for an immediate payment

It can be an advantage to get your money today. However, this also brings disadvantages, such as high costs through an immediate payment with it. The following table shows the charges for an eExpress transfer, listed according to the different providers.

Small loan with immediate payment – alternative to short-term mini-credit

Small loan with immediate payment - alternative to short-term mini-credit

The credit industry is changing. What has been possible with mini-loan providers for years, now transfers to established credit offers. More and more banks are handling small loans fully automatically via the internet, thus enabling a very fast payout. Although a small loan with immediate payment, only in rare cases, the payment is still possible today, but you get much better interest rates, longer repayment terms and a higher loan amount. And all with a payout period of 1-2 working days, without additional costs or fees.

Still lending money today despite private credit

You have a negative private credit entry and can not get credit from your bank? In addition, you need the loan right now? Was it years ago still impossible to obtain a loan under these conditions, so there are today providers who pay you a loan despite private credit entry immediately on the account. Currently there are exactly two providers who offer a loan without private credit with immediate payment

The super deal from Viloan
Within 24 hours, the credit is in your account. Prerequisite: The loan application is on weekdays, until 15 o’clock, completely done.

The eExpress option costs 39 – 99 €

Representative example: With a net loan amount of € 199 and a term of 30 days, an annual interest of 7.95% pa will incur € 1.25 in borrowing costs. Processing fee: 0,00%, debit interest pa: 7,95%

With Viloan, you will immediately receive money even if you have a negative private credit entry. Importantly, it is a soft negative feature like an unpaid bill that has since been settled. Do you have a hard negative feature, such as a bankruptcy, registered in the private credit, so you will not get a loan here. New customers can get up to 600 euros at Viloan immediately on the account. If you are a regular customer, up to € 1,500 is possible.

Target interest rate 7.98% fixed for the entire life, APR: 8.29%, net loan amount: EUR 10,000, contract period: 72 months, monthly installment: EUR 175.29, total interest expense: EUR 2620.68, total repayment (including all fees ): 12,620.68 euros.

For larger amounts even with private credit entry there is currently no possibility for an immediate payment. Providers like Bonkredit offer loans without private credit up to 7,500 euros, but these can be paid out within 3 working days at the earliest. So, if you can wait a bit and do not need the loan directly, you can also apply for a Bon Loan.

Alternatives to Borrowing – How Do I Get Money Today?

Alternatives to Borrowing - How Do I Get Money Today?

In addition to the loan, there are other alternatives as you can get money today. Here are more alternatives to the loan.

Day and short work

Through the job agency of the employment agency it is possible to accept a short-term job, which starts in the morning and ends in the evening. The good thing is, you get paid the cash cash in the evening. Typical activities that fall into a day job brokerage are the towing of furniture, auxiliary activities on the building and the like. Activities. So you should be able to get started.

Gold or jewelry instant purchase

Selling valuable jewelry can bring in a lot of money. Jewelery and gold dealers are now available in every small town. The value of the piece of jewelery depends among other things on the current price of gold. But not only jewelry made of gold can be sold. Also popular are pieces of silver or platinum. But you should act carefully here. Once sold, you will not get the valuable item back.

Sell ​​used goods through ebay classifieds

You have used electrical appliances or eg old and well-preserved children’s toys that you no longer need? A sale of the goods can be a way to get money very fast. The biggest resonance you get for Ebay classifieds. If it is coveted and well-preserved goods, then it may well be that the sale goes on in a few hours on the stage. The advantage: An ad on Ebay classified ads can be created for free and in a short time. A quick and easy way to get cash.

Borrow money without bank or loan with immediate payout

It’s just a short-term financial bottleneck and you can absolutely repay the money in a few days or weeks? Then another option could be to borrow money privately from friends or relatives. With such a personal loan, there are often no costs. However, you should be careful here. If you can not repay the money on time, it can have a negative impact on your friendly relationship and it is really worth no money in the world.


  • With a mini loan, you still get money on your account today
  • Pay attention to additional fees for mini loans, which may arise in an immediate payment
  • Standard payouts on mini loans take 2-10 days and are much cheaper. Check if a quick payoff really makes sense
  • You can borrow up to 3,000 euros immediately
  • Apply for the loan in the morning so that it works out the same day.
  • Small loans are much cheaper and can be paid in 1-2 business days
  • There are alternatives to a loan. Look at these before borrowing


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Car Loan Cheap Online Secure – Car Loan Comparison Fri, 01 Mar 2019 03:29:07 +0000 Read more…]]>

If you want to buy a car, the purchase is increasingly realized by a car loan, because often the savings are not enough for a new vehicle. As a car loan is usually a cheap form of auto financing, where it does not matter whether a new or used cars should be purchased. The car loan offers the buyer the advantage of being able to act as a cash payer at the car dealer, which makes it possible to negotiate significant discounts. Of course, this is only possible if you apply for a car loan from a bank and not from the dealer. More of this story:

Often, the car banks of dealers offer cheap car loans, but you should best calculate whether these offers really worthwhile or whether it would not be cheaper to apply for a car loan at another bank and then hope for a discount at the car dealer. On the Internet you have the opportunity to compare offers for a car loan and to find a suitable and cheap car loan. With our free loan calculator you can compare online offers for the car loan from numerous providers.

Calculate offers for a car loan online & compare!

Calculate offers for a car loan online & compare!


To be able to compare offers for a car loan, you have to know how much the loan amount you want to take and how long the term should be. With these two details you can then start a credit comparison on the Internet. A loan calculator offers after a few moments a good overview of various offers for a car loan.

It is easy to see that the cheapest offers come from online or direct banks, because they pass on their savings in administrative, rental and personnel costs to their customers, thus making it possible to offer attractive car loan options.

Since the displayed interest rates are mostly credit-dependent, it is important to obtain personal credit offers, because depending on the creditworthiness of the prospect, the interest rate may fluctuate, because the better the credit rating, the lower the interest on the car loan. An individual offer for a car loan can be requested quickly and easily via the online form .

In addition, you can check at the Internet address also determine cheap car loans by comparison.

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Do you need to arrange a cash loan? It’s definitely not a bad choice Tue, 12 Feb 2019 16:23:30 +0000 Read more…]]>

Provident is one of the companies that everyone knows well, at least by name. A British company with more than a century of tradition, which has been operating on our market for 20 years and has a fairly good reputation. A loan worth ten and fifty thousand crowns, paid in cash by courier against contract signature, fair and transparent negotiations, short documentation and a small installment every week. Nothing complicated, all the details the courier will discuss with you personally, just the deal between the four eyes is very important for someone.

The choice in the market is really varied, there are up to dozens of options

The choice in the market is really varied, there are up to dozens of options

If you need a cash loan, it is clear that you will sooner or later choose in our non-bank market. All you have to do is think about all the elements of the loan, you should be clear about the following things…

  • What do you need a loan for? No, you won’t explain and prove anything, you have to be clear about yourself. Only then will everything be in order.
  • Are you sure that the APR will not be any better and that the range of additional services is wide enough? Do not underestimate the ability to repay insurance!
  • Find out about the provider as much as possible, because references from former clients are very important. Do you really have the honor of being fairly honest with someone now?

Of course, you can think of a cash loan from different angles, but these three things are simply the most important and must be answered in their own interest by anyone who wants to really arrange such a loan. If you need cash, you should not hurry to sign the first offer you have found on the Internet. This is completely wrong, it is important to think through everything carefully, and above all to compare individual offers. It is clear that the first one you have encountered may be the best – but at the same time it may not, and variant B will be more likely.

Loans are there to help and not to harm, that’s a very clear thing. Therefore, do not give them the chance to control you and get into a debt spiral that is not a pleasant thing to do. Think carefully and minimize risks in your own interest, only then will everything be fine…

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Compare Loans Pays 2 Tue, 05 Feb 2019 16:09:55 +0000 Read more…]]>

Comparing loans is not the case, consult with those who understand the matter

Comparing loans is not the case, consult with those who understand the matter

If you are going to arrange a loan, and it is indeed indifferent to what level it should be, comparing loans is a necessary help. Consult with experts, have an impartial look, all on a single screen of your PC. Such a thing is definitely extraordinary, because you can lose even several thousand crowns by wrong choice of provider. And you just won’t find yourself on the street…

It is always necessary to take into account more circumstances, interest is not the only measure

Of course, interest is a key issue, and we always prefer to bid for an interest rate of 8% over another, which is 15%. But be careful, the interest rate is definitely not everything, even if it says a lot about the loan. You also need to focus on other things, such as repayment insurance.

One of the really interesting offers, which are not often seen in our market, is eg Zaplo. This company brings for the new clients the first free loan, what else can we say about it?

  • You can get a loan of 1000 to 12500 crowns. For new clients, the first loan under certain conditions is free of interest.
  • The maturity period can be set according to the client’s discretion, namely within seven and thirty calendar days.
  • In the case of a repeated application for a loan, it is possible to obtain a more advantageous interest, but also a larger financial amount.

One of the other options available in our market is a Tesco loan. Thanks to it, you can borrow a sum of 20 to 200 thousand crowns, with interest starting at 15.25%. All credit requirements can be handled online, so – you will not have to visit a stone office and discuss and act at length. It is always a better alternative to resolving loans over the Internet, saving a lot of time. And as is known, time is money, it is not just a folk proverb.

When you say a loan, each applicant must consider several different things. How will it be repaid, will it go smoothly? Did he really choose the most interesting option on the market, or is there still a few more offers to go through? And what about the possible sanctions for default? Is it possible to normally agree and pay a smaller fine or will the whole situation be somewhat worse?

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