Five exceptional wine tours in Hvar that you won’t find anywhere else



August 19, 2018 – Interest in Croatian wine is growing, as is its burgeoning wine tourism industry. Five of the best on the island of Hvar.

Croatian wine is here! With its 130 native varieties, the homeland of the original Zinfandel and a range of original flavors that have garnered interest and praise from wine experts around the world. Add to the mix Croatia’s popular tourist industry, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that wine tourism in Croatia is going to be popular.

Nowhere more, perhaps, than the island of Hvar, whose wine-making tradition dates back some 2,400 years, and it offers a number of indigenous grape varieties, a microclimate with different terroirs, the first Wine Master to make wine. wine in Croatia, and a powerful red which is served in a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Holland. Not bad for a small island, whose vineyards represent only 280 hectares in total.

And when it comes to wine tours, the choice is just as exceptional. Several tours are now available for the most popular winemakers – Tomic, Dubokovic and Zlatan Otok. But if you’re looking for something really special, here are five of the best that you won’t find at every travel agency …

Speedboat delivery to Hvar’s most secret wine estate – built in a cave on the south side of Hvar, and accessible only by boat, where a magnificent Plavac Mali awaits from a lesser-known foreign winemaker, who has beaten the best of Hvar blind tasting.

Discover the magic of wine and waves here.


A curious thing about wine tasting in Hvar is that almost none takes place in the vineyard itself. But when you have a vineyard that literally falls into the Adriatic, where better to showcase your wines?

Toni Bojanic is one of the new generation of winemakers from Hvar. At only 26 years old, he comes from a family wine-growing tradition that goes back more than 500 years, and he has been a winemaker for three years already, having started in 2015. And with considerable success!

Bottling just 5,000 bottles a year, Toni is a very humble young man, whose four reds and one white are slowly starting to gain attention. He is passionate about his profession and is dedicated to making known the history of Hvar wine.

What makes Toni Bojancic’s wine experience unique on the island of Hvar is its location. While other winegrowers conduct their tastings in their cellars and tasting rooms, Bojanic takes you into the vineyard to breathe the air and discover the terroir of the grapes which are the essence of its quality wine.

More information on Toni’s vineyard tasting here.

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Fine local wines, fine local foods – where to meet the man who can combine the two?

Meet Teo Huljic, a local man through and through, with strict respect for local traditions and quality. Experienced chef at one of Zagreb’s best restaurants (Marcelino), Huljić is also an exceptional winemaker, preserving the traditions of the island and working with almost extinct grape varieties. Try the Mekuja grape, you won’t find it anywhere else, just one of the native Hvar wines on offer.

This is an extraordinary food and wine pairing, and the location of your exquisite Hvar experience is almost as magical as the food itself. At the rear of Huljic’s house is a courtyard with two distinctive features. Above two majestic lemon trees, whose annual yield is half a ton, and the fruit of which you can pick, and superb (and somewhat uneven) stone dining tables, paying homage to the stone traditions of the island.

Learn about exquisite food and wine pairing, the Hvar way.


Hvar has a wine-making tradition dating back to the ancient Greeks, who arrived in 384 BC. Since then, the history of Hvar wine has taken many fascinating turns.

And just as Hvar’s wine history has its history and treasures, so do its wines. Take a tour of Hvar Island Rarities, a tour of the island’s most intriguing (and rarely available) wines, tasted in the company of the winemakers themselves. Choose from reds and whites, oaky and unoaked, delicious dessert wines and balsamic aceto. Visit the cellars and taste the increasingly rare but equally brilliant vintages of Plavac Mali from 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2007.

Learn more about visiting Hvar Wine Rarities here.


As if the history of Hvar wine wasn’t rich enough, in 2014 Jo Ahearne MW moved to Hvar and set out to become the first Master of Wine to make wine in Croatia. Working exclusively with local grape varieties, Jo found considerable success during his early years on the island. The grapes of Hvar, the hands of London have been very successful, and last year one of his wines was named in the top 10 in all of Croatia, and his recent first attempt with the delicate Posip grape has scored 93 out of 100 points. Now with its own cellar in Vrisnik available for tastings by appointment (or personalized tastings on your yacht or private accommodation), a chance to taste exceptional wines from Hvar’s own wine master. You can find out more about Ahearne Vino via Facebook.


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