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Voters will participate in La Primaire populaire which follows a “majority judgment” method devised by French mathematicians Michel Balinski and Rida Laraki who were inspired by wine tasting. Activists organized the vote in hopes of unifying leftist voters. currently divided before the French presidential elections in April, behind only one candidate.

Much like a popularity contest, voters will be asked to rate the seven candidates from “very good” to “deficient.”

The winning contestant is based on the person who received the highest overall median score, receiving more than 50% of that score or better.

Nearly half a million people registered to vote.

The voting system, which started on Thursday and will end on Sunday afternoon, is used to ensure voters select their preferred option rather than tactical voting, which could be used in the current two-round system seen in presidential elections. French.

Mr Laraki told the French Huffington Post: ‘Citizens will really be able to say what they think and democracy will function normally.’

Mr. Laraki and Mr. Balinski’s system was designed with judging systems like wine tasting, gymnastics, and skating in mind.

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While some French politicians oppose the Popular Primary including Green MEP Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc Mélencho and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Chloé Ridel, co-founder of Vote Better, said: “Our current system forces voters to choose a single candidate who may or may not be their preferred choice.

“People end up voting against a candidate rather than for someone, and they can’t say what they think of the other candidates.

“As a result, abstention and blank ballots are steadily increasing and the winner is elected without the support of a majority of the public.”

She said of the proposed vote for the People’s Primary, “There is no need to vote in protest since you can downgrade all the candidates if you wish.”

Current French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron currently has a comfortable lead over the contenders closest to conservatives and the far-right who are trying to put identity politics and security at the forefront in the election where he is much less comfortable.

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