From wine tasting to escape rooms, what’s new at Texas Ren Fest?


The competition spans 70 acres in Grimes County, plenty of room to watch staple foods, turkey legs, jousting, and live music.

TODD ​​MISSION, Texas – The grounds of the Texan Renaissance Festival are filled with noises of preparation like cut bushes, mowed grass, wood being cut outside its gates which open on October 9 for its forty-seventh year.

The competition spans 70 acres in Grimes County, plenty of room to watch staple foods, turkey legs, jousting, and live music.

“My kids have been coming here since they were three and four,” says advertising manager Cory Brock. “They love to come here. It’s fun for all ages.

Adult rate

There are loads of things to discover if you are 21 or over, as the Wyrmwood Public House.

“This is a two-story, air-conditioned, handcrafted cocktail bar set in a Victorian steam punk decor,” Louie Migliaccio shares. “The goal is to turn patrons from a 16th century village into Victorian steam punk.”

The handmade cocktails available at Wyrmwood are all based primarily on recipes from the late 1800s and early 1900s. You can purchase tickets for absinthe and tequila tastings or take advantage of the Victorian selection present. .

“We wanted to create a unique feature that people who are looking for the finer things in life, who wanted to experience these things, could come to,” says Migliaccio.

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New this year

This is Wyrmwood’s second year in the competition, but there is several new features. At King’s Feast, patrons can bask in delicacies from around the world. Escape rooms with themes like Airy Botter & The Sorcery School or The Pirates’ Dilemma are in a new air-conditioned location. Tea & Trumpets (High Tea) will now be provided as early as day by day.

The kingdom has also grown this year, including the Del Lago space. It is located near the jousting arena and offers new points of sale and Odin’s table, a wine tent operated by Haak Vineyards and Winery.

“Great place,” says Kyle Johnston of Haak of the tent’s location near a lake full of lily pads. “It’s peaceful.”

You can take in the view every time you go to Odin’s table to buy a glass or a bottle of wine. The vineyard can offer personal tastings 5 ​​times a day, however a ticket is required for these.

“We’re trying to give people an educational experience, but also something fun,” says Johnston.

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Theme weekends

The organizers encourage you to attend a number of weekends, each with a unique theme throughout the season.

October 9 and 10 – Oktoberfest
October 16 & 17 – 1001 Rêves
October 23 & 24 – Pirate adventure
October 30 and 31 – All Saints’ Day
November 6 and 7 – Heroes and Villains
November 13 & 14 – Barbarian invasion
November 20 and 21 – Highland Fling
November 26, 27 and 28 – Celtic Christmas

COVID-19 protocols

To make sure guests really feel safe, the competition has launched new security measures, which incorporate access to the vaccine and Johnson & Johnson testing. Both will likely be provided free of charge near the main entrance to the competition.

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