From wine tours to hidden gems, Paarl as a travel destination ticks all the boxes



Through Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi May 10, 2021

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For many, an adventure or a vacation means traveling abroad.

But now, more than ever, domestic travel is the buzzword and offers a unique opportunity to discover the hidden gems of our own country – the fascinating places, attractions and destinations we might not have considered. to visit if this health and economic crisis had not taken place. .

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Winelands in Paarl with a media group. I took the opportunity and although I had been there a few times before, I decided to approach this trip as if it was my first.

Less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town and we had arrived at our destination. If we had traveled with kids I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have been bombarded with this “are we still here?” Question.

Short-distance travel is convenient, but also full of pleasant surprises.

I experienced gracious hospitality, scenic beauty and an array of tourist attractions, even for the whole family.

The two-day expedition had some amazing take-out – here are the highlights of my trip:

Painting workshop :

Before leaving on the trip, I had experienced some difficult situations for the soul and for peace. Having a rock painting session at Expressive Art Studio first on the itinerary was absolutely the change I needed. It was a soothing therapeutic session that reminded me of art lessons in school and freedom of visual expression. The studio is located in the vineyards of the scenic Ridgeback Wine Farm. A must see for anyone visiting the area.

Rock painting session at Expressive Art Studio

Paarl wine routes

The Paarl Wine Routes offer guests a range of full and half-day wine tours. From Ridgeback Wine Farm to Nederburg and Perdeberg, wines from the Cape vineyards will tickle the taste buds like never before. A word of advice: take the trip in a group or with a plus one. You can also choose an option to sleep in one of the areas.

Paarl-15042021. Wine tasting (pairings) at Perdeberg Wines. Photo: Ian Landsberg / African News Agency (ANA).


Accommodation offers in Paarl are diverse and suit all budgets and occasions, luxurious double rooms at Laborie Estate furnished in Cape French style overlooking the historic mansion garden and beautiful vineyards.

It was a perfect place to get away from it all and recharge your batteries. Waking up to the view of a majestic mountain was out of the ordinary. And running or walking around the place gave a different meaning to the experience of nature.

Historical walk:

I have been to Paarl many times before, but never took the time to be interested in the history of the small town. Taking the historic Paarl walk allowed me to experience the place with a new set of knowledge empowered eyes.

If you prefer a self-guided tour, you can opt for the Paarl VoiceMap app or just go to the tourist information center and get a printed map. It is an inexpensive outing that can also be experienced by the whole family.

Hidden gems:

I love hidden gems, whether in a town or city, I have to find a gem while traveling. Brenda’s Deli was exactly what I needed to complete my travel experience. It’s along the Spice Route destination outside of Paarl.

The best place to find sentimental family gifts to suit any occasion, Brenda’s is to carefully combine fresh ingredients, traditional flavors and new ideas to create coveted food products.

Paarl was truly a treat. Nothing beats a visit to the small town. On a tight budget? A few days to go? Short distance travel? Paarl ticks all the boxes. It’s great value for the money – and the memories of the trip will remain etched in your mind for years to come.


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