Guaranteed Auto Loans

The Guaranteed Auto Loans brand is a great solution for those people whom banks refused to grant credit for a car. This lender knows that good deals have to be taken very quickly, which is why it offers cash to buy a car in 24 hours.

Guaranteed Auto Loans – Offer

Guaranteed Auto Loans - Offer

The brand offers loans in the amount of PLN 2,500 to PLN 25,000 for the periods of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. Such a long repayment period makes it possible to set a convenient, low installment even for liabilities in the maximum amount, thanks to which monthly fees are not a burden for the customer’s home budget.

Guaranteed Auto Loans – Formalities

Guaranteed Auto Loans - Formalities

A car loan can be used by a person between the ages of 18 and 75, who has the status of a resident (residing in Poland). The potential client must demonstrate financial ability to pay the monthly installment of the loan, but he does not need to present a certificate of income.

It is also necessary to have a special guarantor to undertake this type of obligation, which may be, for example, a family member or friend. Such a guarantor should be financially stable and in its credit history it can not have any black spots in the form of late repayment of commitments. The guarantor must also be aware that in the event of problems with the borrower’s repayment of obligations, he will be obliged to pay the remaining installments.

The car that the customer intends to buy with a loan must also meet several additional requirements. It must be a passenger car or a delivery vehicle (up to 3.5 t), the only owner of which will be the borrower. In addition, the car must have a vehicle card and an OC policy.

Guaranteed Auto Loans – Reviews

Guaranteed Auto Loans - Reviews

The lender’s offer is perceived on the Polish financial services market as a great alternative to bank loans. Customers appreciate that the brand gives them help in buying a car even when they have been denied by other financial institutions. At the same time, the lender maintains the highest quality standards and attention to the financial situation of the consumer. The brand received the Certificate of a Responsible Loan Lender for its transparent activity.

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