GUIDE: 21 breweries, wineries, distilleries in and around Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown

Residents of Cedar Park, Leander, and Georgetown live near various breweries, distilleries, and wineries that make and sell beers, vodkas, whiskeys, and wines. This list is incomprehensible.



1. Barking Armadillo Brew

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

In addition to drinks, this brasserie offers a rotating selection of food trucks as well as board and garden games.

Customer favourite: Return of MAC India Pale Ale, 6.7% ABV

507 Riverbend Drive, Georgetown


2. Bull Creek Brewery

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

Customers can enjoy the terrace, the tap room or visit the facilities.

Customer favorite: Faded Pale Ale, 6.7% ABV

7100 FM 3405 Liberty Hill


3. Hedgehog Brew

Outdoor seating for the whole family

Founded by brothers Chris and Jonathan Harris, this brewery focuses on clear, hoppy ales and farmhouse ales fermented with Wild Hill Country yeast.

Customer Favorite: Hoptimism Hazy IPA, 6.2% ABV

3200 Woodall Drive, Ste. C-1, cedar park


4. Brewing Hell or High Water

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

This small town brewery focuses on traditional style beers while also offering guest taps from other local breweries, wineries and distilleries.

Customer favorite: Float the River Kolsch, 5.4% ABV

931 Main Street, Liberty Hill


5. Humble Pint Brewing Co.

Outdoor seating for the whole family

In addition to serving a selection of craft beers, Humble Pint Brewing Co. hosts weekly trivia nights.

Customer Favorite: Hopsdale IPA, 6.9% ABV

11880 Hero Way West, Ste. 208, Leander


6. Red Horn Brewery and Roastery

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

The brand’s second site opened in June 2021 to allow the company to expand its beer and coffee production. In addition to live music, the venue hosts quizzes and yoga.

Customer favorite: Trail Runner Golden Ale, 5% ABV

1615 Scottsdale Drive, Building. 1, Ste. 110, Leander


7. Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co.

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

Red Horn’s original location brews both beer and roast coffee. In addition to live music, the venue hosts quizzes and yoga.

Customer Favorite: Wonder Boy Hefeweizen, 5.4% ABV

13010 W. Parmer Lane, Ste. 800 Cedars Park


8. Rentsch Brewery

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

The establishment’s oversized dining room features a wall of taps with basic and seasonal drafts from Rentsch and its sister label, Strange Land Brewery. It also has a covered patio twice the size of the interior space and beyond that an open-air café with a stage for performances.

Customer favorite: Texas Lager, 4.2% ABV

2500 NE Inner Loop, Ste. 3105 George Town


9. Rentsch Brewery Outpost

Friendly and family

Separated by rolling glass garage doors, the Rentsch Brewery Outpost sits next to the ThunderCloud Submarines located on the south side of Georgetown Square. The establishment has limited hours.

Customer Favorite: Pineapple Pilz, 5% ABV

814 S. Main St., Ste. 2 George Town


10. San Gabriel River Brewery

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

This brasserie has a quaint bar, a large outdoor area with covered seating, and plenty of room for the family to wander around.

Customer Favorite: San Gabriel IPA-English Style, 6.11% ABV

500 Chaparral Drive, Liberty Hill


11. Texas Beer Co.

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

This business is located in a historic red brick building in downtown Taylor.

Customer Favorite: Hop Rodeo Hazy IPA, 7.5% ABV

201 Main Street North, Taylor


12. Whitestone Brewery

Family-friendly, live music, terrace

The 1,250 square foot space includes an outdoor cafe, faucet room, and indoor fire pit. Whitestone keeps four beers year-round and rotates other menus. Children and pets are welcome, but the property is not family-friendly after 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Additionally, owners Ryan and Danielle Anglen plan to open a second Liberty Hill location.

Customer Favorite: Cedrela Hefeweizen, 5% ABV601 E. Whitestone Blvd., Ste. 500 Cedars Park



13. Fire Oak Distillery

Live music, terrace

This local distillery produces artisanal vodka and bourbon. The brand promotes a cocktail specialty every week on social networks that can be made with its liqueurs.

Customer favourite: premium vodka

4600 CR 207, Liberty Hill


14. Leanderthal distillation

This property offers bottle and beverage sales in the 21+ Leanderthal Lounge. In addition, the distillery offers recipes that customers can make with its products.

Customer favourite: Leanderthal Vodka

11894 Hero Way West, Ste. A, Leandre


15. Schitz Creek Distillery

Outdoor seating for the whole family

This company creates vodka and several distilled whiskeys from grains grown in Texas. Located inside the Thirsty Mule, it also offers a full range of cocktails.

Customer Favorite: Maple Whiskey

101 CR 257, Ste. B, Liberty Hill



16. Barons Creek Tasting Room & Wine Lounge

Live music, terrace

Along with other locations in Fredericksburg, McKinney and Granbury, Barons Creek offers food and wine pairings.

Customer favourite: Campeon 2020

706 S. Austin Ave, Georgetown


17. Bent Oak Vineyard

live music

This winery makes a selection of wines from Texas and California. The venue offers reservations for tastings in its tasting room.

Customer Favorite: 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Texas High Plains

2000 Windy Terrace, Ste. 2B, Cedars Park


18. Georgetown Vineyard

Outdoor seating for the whole family

Founded in 2007, Georgetown Winery was Williamson County’s first winery. Owners Dan and Becca Marek own over 3,000 vineyards in Rockdale and produce the majority of the wine at the company’s sister site, the Thirsty Mule in Liberty Hill.

Customer favourite: merlot

715 S. Main Street, Georgetown


19. Grape Creek on the Square Tasting Room

Outdoor terrace

Operating as a satellite tasting room, guests are also invited to explore the Grape Creek estate, including production facilities and extensive vineyards, in Fredericksburg.

Customer favourite: Grand Rouge 2021

101 W. Seventh St., Georgetown


20. Thirsty Mule Wine Estate and Vineyard

Outdoor seating for the whole family

The wines from this place are made and produced from grapes from Texas and California. It offers wine and spirits tastings for $10.

Customer favourite: Corky Mule

101 CR 257, Liberty Hill


21. Florence Vineyard

Live music, terrace

This venue operates as a boutique hotel and resort that features a winery, restaurant, day spa, private event spaces, and wine tastings. There are also plans to build more than 1,000 houses in the cellar.

Customer favorite: Merlot, Texas High Plains

111 Via Francesco, Florence


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