How to Create a Professional Wine Tasting Experience at Home


Through Content in partnership 23 Sep 2021

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Most of us love wine tasting, but booking an experience or a guided tour with a certified wine guide can get expensive!

There is something very romantic and intimate about creating your own professional wine tasting at home. You can host it for your partner (think of a “romantic evening” after the kids are asleep!) Or enjoy a tasting session with your friends. A DIY wine tasting is a great alternative to the usual braai, Netflix, book club, or board game parties. Have fun and be social while learning a new skill!

First of all, you need a crash course in wine! We HIGHLY recommend HER Author Cathy Marston easy-to-read wine guide for beginners, titled “Love your wine. Familiarize yourself with what you are drinking. She takes you on a super fun and easy to understand wine appreciation journey. Its sole purpose is to give you the confidence to enjoy drinking, ordering and talking about wine. Spoiler alert: the more you drink; the more you will know!

Then you will need to start ordering NEW wines that you don’t know. Your comfort zone no longer exists! Do you usually order the Sweet Rose? You might be a Merlot fan. Think you hate Chardonnay? Try the unoaked version. Do you like berries and buttered apricots? You are probably the Sauvignon Blanc type! Most of the fun is finding out! We can’t think of a better hobby.

Let’s start choosing your wines! Your BEST and most practical bet is to order wine online. This gives you more time to read wine reviews, browse descriptions, send links to friends, do your research, and choose your variations. You can order wine cases online and use them for various tastings and pairings. No harm in having extra stock for the holiday season, right?

You can now buy wine online in South Africa through Loot! It is impressive that their online wine shop is organized and each wine estate is handpicked according to the quality and reputation of its wine. The Loot collection encourages wine lovers to discover new blends and variations and to really develop their palate.

* Note that wine will only be delivered on days permitted by Covid restrictions.

Here are some of our BEST WINE Picks to help start your wine appreciation journey!

It is a beautiful rose which offers a nice balance between dry and fruity.

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