How to work remotely from another country: a brief guide

FOREIGN OFFICE From Portugal to Barbados, several countries are now granting remote work visas valid for up to one year.


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THAT YOU ARE a professional with part-time remote work privileges or a full-time digital nomad, many places and businesses are eager to fulfill your wanderlust.

If a shorter, no-guess trip is all time allows, then booking a longer hotel stay may be the path of least resistance, even if it costs a bit more. Globally, many hotels have implemented “work” promotions that often include perks such as massages and on-call computer support, as well as discounts on meals and laundry services. Others simply aim to captivate long-stay customers with free nights. Two weeks at the Conrad Punta de Mita, near Puerto Vallarta, gets you a third week free. Avani Hotels & Resorts is also offering rate reductions at several of its Asian locations, including 10 free nights at its four-star Kalutara resort in Sri Lanka when booking 30 days.


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If you prefer to work on the go for more than a month and cook your own meals from time to time, consider subscribing to a hosting service. The Oasis Collections Passport plan, for its part, offers access to a portfolio of homes in Europe and Latin America. Along with concierge services and local coworking partnerships, the company says customers can easily change cities or accommodations. After a $495 listing fee, studios and one-bedroom apartments in cities like Buenos Aires and Mexico City cost $1,750 a month, while larger three-bedroom units cost up to $5,200. in popular travel destinations like Paris and Rome.

The high-end subscription service Remote Year, which offers trips around the world, bundles accommodations with organized outings such as ziplines, hikes and wine tours. Remote Year subscribers can purchase one-, four-, and 12-month packages ranging from around $3,000 per month to $32,000 for a full year.

What about travelers who are perhaps a bit more independent and have an open itinerary? Several countries now grant remote work visas valid for up to one year.

Portugal is a remarkable option for many reasons. It not only enjoys a similar climate to California and offers plenty of coworking spaces in Lisbon and Madeira Island, but Portugal has quite relaxed visa requirements compared to many other countries that have similar programs. Dubai and Iceland, for example, insist on higher income thresholds.

Closer to the United States, Bermuda, Barbados and the Cayman Islands, among other Caribbean islands, also offer short-term residency visas.

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