Inspirational documentary about Zim’s wine tasting team

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Four refugees who left Zimbabwe for South Africa discovered wine separately and then became friends. And now, in affectionate documentary ‘Blind Ambition’, they are set to compete as the first Zimbabwean team in what is being described as ‘the Olympics of wine tasting’.

What gives this familiar underdog tale its satisfying emotional weight is the care the filmmakers take to trace the journeys of Joseph, Pardon, Tinashe and Marlvin, from desperate migrants to trained sommeliers at some of the finest restaurants in the world. South Africa. It helps that they are an exceptionally decent and likeable bunch. Marlvin, raised as a Pentecostal, laughs that since Jesus turned water into wine, it must be okay to drink it.

Serious and ambitious, Joseph is dedicated to passing on opportunities to the next wave of Zimbabwean refugees. It’s heartwarming, inspiring stuff.

Meanwhile, Black Panther 2’s emotional post-credits scene has been leaked in detail ahead of the local premiere next week.

The first Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer released by Marvel was incredibly moving, teasing the overall tone of the sequel. The film will be a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who died before work began on Black Panther 2. But T’Challa’s death and funeral won’t be the only emotional events in the sequel.

Wakanda Forever’s credits scene has already leaked, and we know what’s going on. We now have a second leak that delivers a detailed account of it, teasing another big emotional moment for Wakanda Forever.

Before checking it out, you should know that big spoilers follow below. And unlike some Marvel leaks, this leaked Wakanda Forever credits scene is almost certainly real.

Mods from the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit have posted an incredibly detailed plot leak for Wakanda Forever. They explained that they “can confirm from what we’ve heard elsewhere that this is all true.”

We already covered the plot leak in a separate article. But the Reddit user who shared the information didn’t initially reveal the Wakanda Forever credits scene. The person followed up via a comment detailing everything that happens in said scene. — the guardian/msn

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