Jancis Robinson launches wine tasting course with BBC Maestro

Jancis Robinson MW will lead BBC Maestro’s latest wine tasting course, An Understanding of Wine, from next month, calling on participants to ‘uncork the secrets of the world of wine’.

Photographer: Gareth Iwan Jones

The course offers lessons focused on debunking common wine myths, breaking down tasting techniques, and deciphering wine labels and language.

Robinson discusses the key factors shaping the modern wine market, including the backlash against the use of glass for inexpensive wines and how the plant-based movement has created a need to re-examine classic pairing approaches .

The full course consists of 25 lessons over 5 hours and has been designed for viewers to learn at their own pace.

Robinson also delves into different vintages, wine pricing, the natural wine movement, winemaking sustainability, the impact of climate change, and expert advice on investing in wine.

Robinson said: “”At the end of this course, I hope I have helped you find the wine you love (because there is no right and wrong in wine appreciation) and get the most out of every sip. “

She added: “For me, wine is extraordinary because it is just the fermented juice of a single fruit – yet it comes in so many different colors, styles and flavors.

“There aren’t many products that tell you exactly when they were made, where they came from, and the name of the producer.

“Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive – while the gap between the cheapest and the most expensive wine has steadily widened, the quality has narrowed considerably. We should take advantage of the wide range of mid-level wines produced today.

Robinson was the first person outside of the wine trade to pass the rigorous Master of Wine exams. She received an OBE for her work in wine, advises on the Queen’s Cellar and is the only wine writer to be inducted into the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame.

The cost of the course is £80 for lifetime access to lessons including Top 10 Ways to Choose the Right Bottle and Language and Price of Wine and How to Taste.

Robinson made headlines last year after Miami-based digital media company Recurrent Ventures acquired his website, JancisRobinson.comfor an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2000 as an independent publisher, JancisRobinson.com steadily expanded its wine-loving subscriber base in 82 countries. The website offers free comprehensive guides to wine regions, varietals, and vintages. The content will remain free to access under its new ownership, and there will be a greater focus on wines from the United States.

To learn more about the acquisition, click here.

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