KDA Adds New Features to Drink KY Interactive Guide for Kentucky Wineries and Craft Breweries

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) is introducing new features to its popular Drink KY guide to Commonwealth wineries and craft breweries. Initially launching in 2021, the progressive web app updates include social integration and content additions.

“Our Drink KY web app allows us to better showcase the ever-growing number of wineries and breweries in Kentucky,” said Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles. “These exciting updates will improve consumer visits to tastings and bars across the Commonwealth and provide fun new opportunities to engage with like-minded friends. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture plans to make a big push this year to encourage people to visit fall agritourism destinations.

Drink KY is a free resource that allows users to plan and track their visits to Kentucky wineries and breweries, earn rewards through geo-fenced records, and learn about unique beer scenes and Commonwealth craft wine.

The new social integration provides networking features that include tagging other Drink KY users as friends, finding other users by shared preferences, and “liked” interactions. Individuals’ profiles will remain private by default, but users will have access to new social integration features by changing their preferences to public in profile settings.

Newly introduced notifications alert individuals when they have a new follower, when someone has liked a user’s rating or registration, when a manual registration request has been approved, and when they reach new reward levels. Additionally, recently launched updates allow Drink KY users to add images to their notes and share those images in their public feed.

To begin your personal wine or craft beer journey, start using the Department’s official interactive experience at www.drink-ky.com.

Drink KY is a collaboration between the KDA, the Kentucky Grape and Wine Council and the Kentucky Guild of Brewers.

Kentucky Department of Agriculture

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