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CALDWELL, Idaho – With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting local businesses hard, one group says they have been busier than ever.

Samantha and Corbin Maxey are residents of Caldwell, Idaho wine lovers, and the owners of Snake River Wine Tours. Corbin told Idaho News 6 that being open during this pandemic has made him and his wife feel incredibly blessed, especially as small business owners.

Before the pandemic, Snake River Wine Tours was already doing well and decided to expand its activities in February.

“I expected to be busy this year, we bought a second vehicle, just before COVID happened,” Samantha said.

When COVID-19 hit Samantha worried, but it didn’t take long for reservations to take off. Samantha says they received so many requests in October that they had to turn down visits.

While they weren’t expecting high demand, they also weren’t planning a reservation until 2021. Samantha says the wine tour is already booked for Valentine’s Day next year.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, particularly in Gem State, Snake River Wine Tours and local wineries are taking many steps to keep customers safe. Regarding the visits, the van is disinfected between each group. Temperatures are also taken before entering the van and masks are available for those who do not.

At Sawtooth Winery, you will find a sanitizer station and hand sanitizer on tables for guest use. Staff members wear face masks at all times and temperature checks are carried out, as well as the promotion of social distancing.

Collaboration and communication are essential between wineries and this wine tourism business. A representative from Sawtooth tells us that working with Snake River Wine Tours has been amazing.

“Communication has been essential,” says Sawtooth. “I know we’ve had a lot of meetings throughout COVID to talk about security protocols making sure we are in line with their business strategy and then they are in line with our protocols here. “

To book a tour or to learn more about security protocols, click here.


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