Mondstadt Regional Specialty Locations in Genshin Impact: Irodori Festival Guide

Irodori Poetry is the first festival event quest where players will participate in Genshin Impact. During the event quest, each day you will have to collect images of different wildlife and local specialties to get inspired to create a new poem. In the third part of Irodori Poetry, players are asked to take four different photos of the regional specialties of Mondstadt.

They will need to return to Mondstadt to complete Part III of the event. Remember that there is no need to save these photos and they should make sure the camera pops up with the following message “Suitable target found” before taking a photo.

Players can take pictures of four of these eight Mondstadt regional specialties –

  • calla lily
  • Cecile
  • dandelion seed
  • Philanemo Mushroom
  • Small Grass Lamp
  • Valberry
  • Aster of the Wind Wheel

Here, players will be guided to different locations to find all Mondstadt regional specialties to complete the Irodori Poetry event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Location of all Mondstadt regional specialties to complete the Irodori event

Regional specialties from Mondstadt (produk khas mondstadt) Dandelion, philanemo mushroom, valberry. and calla lily (you can also capture wolfhook or lamp grass)

As already mentioned, there are eight regional specialties in total in Mondstadt and players can choose four of them as they see fit. They can use the help of the interactive map to easily find the desired specialty to complete the Irodori event.

1) Calla lily

These flowers tend to grow around the water bodies spread throughout Mondstadt. As there are only limited places in Mondstadt that have bodies of water, players will have a hard time finding them even without a map or interactive guide. Lots of Calla Lilies can be found near the teleport point south of Springvale.

2) Cecile

These flowers need strong winds to grow and can be found in high places in Genshin Impact. Players can find Cecilia in abundance on the Starsnatch Cliff.

3) Dandelion seed

Dandelion seeds can be found in Mondstadt. The closest place for players to find them is the town gate of Mondstadt. They can also find them in the northern area of ​​the Bishui Plains and other similar locations.

4) Philanemo Mushroom

Philanemo mushrooms tend to grow on buildings, especially walls and roofs. These can also be found rarely on tree trunks. Players can find them growing on buildings inside the city of Mondstadt, Springvale, and Dawn Winery in Genshin Impact.

5) Small Lamp Grass

Little lamp grass tends to grow in places that have become ruins or deep in forest areas. Notable amounts of these flowers can be found in Whispering Woods.

There are also other places where these can be found. Players can change the time of night to easily locate the small lamp grass.

6) Valberry

Valberry tends to grow in groups on a single stem. Players can find them exclusively in Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point in Genshin Impact.

7) Aster of the Wind Wheel

These flowers grow in areas that have a gentle breeze. Players can usually find Windwheel Asters near the Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt. The best places to find them are Windrise and Stormterror’s Lair.

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