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Self-guided wine tour vs. Travel agency

The beauty of being behind the wheel on northern Michigan wine tours is that you are in control of the pace and destinations during your wine odyssey. The downside is that someone has to drive, which therefore means that they have to refrain from wine tasting. Spitting is a good, albeit limited, answer to the designated driver problem. The alcohol in wine doesn’t get into your bloodstream, but the wine still gets to your palate so you can find one you like and take a bottle home for later. In any case, do not drive drunk and call a taxi if necessary.

There are many companies that offer tour services, and having a knowledgeable guide at the helm offers two distinct advantages. First, it allows all hikers to taste as they please. And secondly, these guys and girls are wine experts: guides can arrange tasting room tours for large groups (most wineries prefer advice if groups of eight or more are visiting) and can recommend wineries based on preferred wine styles.

The answer to the self-guide or travel agency dilemma depends on the size of the group, familiarity with the area, and the time planned for the tour. If you’re a quartet who wants to visit a wineries or two, you can probably fly solo. If you’re a party of eight or more, or a bachelorette party that wants to make it a day out, a tour is your best bet.

Find tour options (some traditional, some more adventurous) with the following links:


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