Prisoner Wine Company unleashes the expectations of Napa wines


Prisoner Wine Company invites wine lovers to discover its complex wines.

Prisoner Wine Company may be known for their red blend, but the Napa-based wine company is more than just a blend and a creative label. While its loyal fan base is unwavering, the wine company continues to push the boundaries.

Many people have discovered Prisoner Wine Company with its iconic red blend. While the Goya sketch-inspired label caught the attention of many, the wine captured their interest long after the bottle had been emptied.

Although each bottle continues to draw inspiration from this sketch by Goya, the wine remains true to the ideals that have made it so successful. As a pioneer in the category of red blends, the winery has seen others follow in their footsteps, but none have surpassed them.

Building on the success of its red blend, Prisoner Wine Company recently added Prisoner Carneros Chardonnay and The Prisoner Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. While the labels share the same dark, almost sinister imagery, the wines inspire the wine drinker to unleash the potential of each bottle.

For many wine drinkers, they begin their journey into the world of Prisoner Wine by opening a bottle of the famous The Prisoner Red Blend. Made from a blend of five grape varieties, the red wine is nuanced, sometimes questioning and always intriguing.

Similar to the label that makes you want to watch but leaves you with more questions than answers, the red blend asks you to peel off the layers. From jammy flavors to a touch of spice, it invites you to push the limits. Even if you take a different route with a potential food pairing, the red blend is ready to accept the consequences.

When you think of food and food pairings for the red mixture, dinner pairings are plentiful. While a filet mignon is delicious, a roast duck or even lamb chops would be exciting. And, if there’s a glass of wine left for dessert, a rich cheesecake will end the meal on a delicious note.

If you’re open to a new experience, The Prisoner Carneros Chardonnay offers a juxtaposition that will keep you coming back sip after sip. Although there are notes of toasted oak, the pineapple is bright and inviting. With some sweeter aromas, the wine opens the door to contemplation and exploration of food and wine pairings.

The Prisoner Wine Company, Prisoner Cabernet Sauvignon, photo by Cristine Struble

For a more robust wine, the Prisoner Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich and complex bottle. As the aroma of baking spices draws you in, the dark fruits are quite apparent with every sip. As each glass unfolds, the finish lingers and lets you savor the experience.

While The Prisoner Wine Company has plenty of offerings, the Prisoner Trio of Red Blend, Carneros Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon is a wonderful introduction to the brand. From the best-known wine to two more recent selections, this trio showcases the diversity of the wine brand.

For the wine drinker who embraces an adventurous wine journey, the trio of prisoners would make a nice gift. Whether you are tasting each wine on its own or preparing a progressive meal, these wines will captivate you.

The Prisoner Wine Company has a wide variety of wines under its label. Wines can be purchased through the company’s website or from various local suppliers.

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