Prisoner Wine Company’s Blindfold wine inspires wine drinkers to experience its sumptuousness

Prisoner Wine Company has always had a slightly unconventional approach to wine. While the company’s signature red blend appeals to wine drinkers with its combination of carefully selected varietals, it’s more than just the wine in the bottle. From label to experience, the company has long sought to dispel misconceptions about wine. With its new offering, Blindfold Wine, wine drinkers will see white wine in a whole new way.

Wine drinkers come in all shapes and forms. While the famous sommelier may impress with his knowledge of terroir, vintages and more, others love a good glass of wine. Beyond wine pairing dinners, special outings, and other bottles, most people want to open a bottle with someone and sip the night away.

With Prisoner Wine Company, the winemaker has long sought to redefine taste. From dispelling preconceptions about wine to uniting precision to create an exquisite sip, each wine offering invites drinkers to drink, enjoy, and perhaps reflect a little.

Blindfolded Wine, photo courtesy of Prisoner Wines

What is Prisoner Wine Company Blindfold Wine?

Prisoner Wine Company‘s latest offering is Blindfold. The 2021 Sonoma County Blanc de Noir is a “still white wine made from red Pinot Noir grapes.” While the images appear to show only a hint of color, winemakers describe it as having the “lightest salmon hue”. In addition, the wine combines Pinot Noir with Viognier and Gewurztraminer.

Described as “light, elegant and vibrant”, the flavors exude a hint of citrus, white peach and even a hint of cranberry. Appearing as a versatile wine, this bottle could replace this rose.

According to Chrissy Wittmann, Director of Winemaking, The Prisoner Wine Company, “Introducing Blindfold with our first bottling of a 2021 Blanc de Noir is something our team is very proud of. The Prisoner Red Blend is what made The Prisoner Wine Company what it is today, and we saw an opportunity to take this signature rare varietal blend formula into a new category with white wine.

While Blindfold Wine might be a new category, Prisoner Wine Company stays true to one of its signatures, a visually appealing label. The appearance resembles a textured fabric and wine drinkers will want to reach out to touch the bottle. Plus, the bottle can reveal a special message as it’s enjoyed. Sometimes it pays to open your eyes.

Prisoner Wine Company’s Blindfold wine is available for purchase through the winemaker’s website. A bottle sells for $35.

Are you ready to look into the wine glass and discover a new experience? What’s your favorite wine to sip on a special occasion?

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