Prosecco Fans’ Dream Job Listed As Wine Company Looking To Hire Professional Fizz Tester


We all love a glass or five of Prosecco every now and then as a treat, but what’s it like to drink glasses of champagne like real paid work?

Well, bubbly lovers can rejoice because all their drinking dreams might come true as a wine company has just opened a very exciting position as a professional Prosecco taster.

Having a very valid excuse to throw in a few drinks of good stuff sounds too good to be true, but right now it’s not, which means you or any fizz fan you know might have the chance to win once in a lifetime job opportunity.

The unique vacancy is heralded by the wine merchants of the House of Townend family, who need someone who is somewhat of a Prosecco connoisseur.

The winning candidate will have the very difficult task of drinking and giving their opinion on a range of different Italian Proseccos, even if they will be pressed for time.

Lucky Prosecco Lover Will Get Paid To Test Different Bottles

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There will be up to six bottles that need to be tested, to be completed within two weeks.

According to the job posting, this fantastic (and heavily boozy!) Role requires someone with stamina, commitment, and an exquisite palate.

Applicants will also most likely have to be one of those superhuman people who are able to wake up and get on with their day while suffering from a Prosecco hangover.

This exciting new position is listed on the House of Townend website as “working new for wine”, and we’re obsessed with it.

Prosecco’s professional taster will work directly with the company’s customer service team and oversee the new product selection for sparkling wine.

They will also make incremental improvements to existing products.

If you’re a bit of an expert on anything bubble-related, apply ASAP

A lucky winner will be chosen to fill the position, and their daily life has been broken down on the job list.

He said the work will include the following:

  • Tasting of a range of our best prosecco and sparkling wines
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary flavor reports
  • Note the taste, texture and length
  • Propose areas for improvement to the Innovation team

The list then describes a bit more what they are looking for in the ideal candidate:

  • Someone with a genuine, deep passion and love for wine
  • A person with an overflowing imagination who will know how to transport himself in the romanticism of Italy according to the flavors
  • Mastery of the language and the art of tasting

The job is perfect for anyone who knows their stuff
The job is perfect for anyone who knows their stuff

If the role is right for you, apply! Unfortunately, this is not a permanent full-time gig, but a fixed-term contract for the month of September.

However, this is good news for those who really like the sound of the role but are currently employed full time, as the company has said it is suitable for those who are already employed as it can be completed by parallel.

Yes, that means you won’t have to quit your current position to grab this lifetime wine opportunity (get it?) So you can remove those resignation letters as there is no need to quit the day job.

Applications are currently being accepted and one lucky person is chosen and announced on September 8, 2021.

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