purple cork coordinates transformative social engagement experiences through virtual wine tasting in Petaluma, CA

Transformative social engagement experiences coordinated by purple cork Virtual Wine Tasting in Petaluma, CA

Petaluma, California: purple cork has carved out a niche as the premier innovative provider of premium event services connecting private wineries and select food and beverage suppliers to a global corporate clientele. Connections are made virtually or face-to-face, thus making it possible to carry out shared tastings. Marketing and sales teams from various companies look to them to capture the attention of prospects interested in exclusive and intimate wine and networking experiences. With the resources provided, sales cycles are accelerated through virtual wine tasting, in-person tasting, and prestige giveaways. Partners working with https://www.purplecork.wine/how-it-works include Skipstone, Red Car Wine, Roy Estate, Aperture Cellars, Samsara, Charles Heidsieck, Bibi Graetz and Barrel Brothers Brewing Company.

Founded in 2020, purple cork’s mission is to help businesses get the most out of human connections through shared experiences. They are happy to connect hundreds of participants both in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America through a virtual platform. The company has partnered with wineries across the West Coast and around the world to achieve its goal. Partner companies also include breweries and soft drink producers. The connections made are key to strengthening relationships between stakeholders, who also learn new things about different rare foods and wines. Business owner and contact person, Kelly Robb, dares to be different. The Boston-born, Chicago-educated entrepreneur learned her craft working in the high-growth tech sector for more than 15 years before founding Purple Cork.

purple cork credits its runaway success to stellar marketing strategies involving a superb wine collection, custom branding, unique pairings, tasting tables and a series of entertaining shows. They organize events by offering a highly curated collection of desirable wines to discerning wine connoisseurs and other members of the group. Businesses can use celebratory wines to honor customers when hosting customer success and appreciation events. Branding efforts add an extra personal touch by featuring branded wine glasses, personalized inserts and handwritten notes from distinguished personalities such as the company’s CEO. Tasting tables are carefully set up with executives, prospects and customers.

As a leading event service organization, Purple Cork strives to manage every event management service from start to finish. Their offering includes global shipping, technology hosting, registrant communications, and event facilitation. During the selection process, customers choose the perfect experience for the upcoming event. The Purple Cork team and partners manage all domestic and international shipments to enable guests to receive the featured tasting set prior to the start of the live event. During the event, all attendees taste with a winery representative or brand ambassador while moving freely in and out of the breakout rooms, fostering relationships in a relaxed social setting to complement the event.

purple cork has also carved out a niche with stylish giveaways that can help turn leads into sales, boost renewals and employee satisfaction. These gifts can be sent to hundreds of locations around the world. Prestige Wine Gifts have been a huge success due to the choice of highly rated wines, elegant packaging, international shipping, food pairings and the ability to ship the wines to multiple addresses at that time.

To speak with the organizers of the White Glove event in Purple Cork, call (415) 264-5118 or visit them at 151 Petaluma Blvd S #219, Petaluma, CA, 94952, US. The company makes virtual tasting events memorable by featuring passionate artisans, including winemakers and mixologists. As a direct result, attendees get to know the people behind the delicious drinks, creating an environment that encourages deeper engagement. Events are customized to fit client businesses, guided by an account-based marketing experience, and the company has proven that virtual tasting has a way of delivering massive ROI results and many other benefits to their client companies. When submitting a tasting request, specify the service requested, the purpose of the experience and the approximate budget.

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