Purple Cork in Petaluma, CA is Hosting a Virtual Wine Tasting

purple cork offers virtual wine tasting in Petaluma, CA

purple cork helps corporate teams, leaders and customers create memorable experiences through virtual wine tastings. The company has partnered with renowned winemakers to offer a wide selection of wines from different regions and countries.

Petaluma, Calif. – Companies, regardless of industry, had to embrace the concept of remote working at the start of the pandemic. As normality resumes in the United States and around the world, some companies are still operating with the remote work model. Keeping track of teams, customers, investors or stakeholders is difficult for on-premises companies and even more so for those who choose to have teams dispersed around the world. However, with virtual wine tastings, business owners, CEOs, and managers can bring teams together by taking them to wine country from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual wine tastings keep businesses in touch with past customers, attract like-minded potential customers, and foster social connectedness without breaking the bank. purple cork, an innovative, high-level event service, was created to connect private wineries and exclusive food/beverage suppliers with leading companies around the world, virtually or live. Passionate about relationships, the company helps organizations build deeper relationships with colleagues and customers while enjoying/learning about different wines.

purple cork comprises a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to managing all aspects of event management and marketing services such as Zoom or other telecommunications technologies on behalf of their clients, allowing them to focus on customer engagement. All wines awarded come exclusively from the company’s curated roster of partners and artisans, transporting participants to the vineyards to learn from the winemaker in a fun, down-to-earth way.

To easily engage the best prospects and close deals in a relaxed environment, Purple Cork offers virtual wine tasting for account-based marketing businesses, allowing sales teams to capture the attention and imagination of their customers. with a more intimate/exclusive wine experience. With this approach, companies build engagement to foster personal relationships in small breakout rooms.

The Purple Cork team helps business owners go the extra mile to surprise and delight potential clients with highly personalized services from start to finish. They help them gain access to highly sought-after wineries and their winemakers, including Skipstone, Aperture Cellars, Charles Heidsieck, Roy Estate, and more. Depending on the needs of their clients, they offer unique deals to complete a delicious tasting set, add custom branded materials, and collaborate with companies before an event for a perfect show run. When it comes to breakout rooms, the team brings together specific account managers, happy customers, colleagues, or prospects to keep conversations focused.

To provide VIP customers with a friendly, fun and interactive wine experience, Purple Cork offers customer appreciation wine tastings. During the event, customers meet with leaders to share success stories in an interactive format at an annual user conference or small get-together. To honor customers, business owners can select boutique wineries/vineyards, local farm pairings, branded wine glasses, or personalized handwritten messages. Small social tables also give executives a chance to listen to their customers and understand their needs to proactively resolve issues.

The Purple Cork Teambuilding Virtual Wine Tasting was created to reward colleagues/teams with special wines or a fun happy hour. With this service, business leaders or managers can recognize employee efforts, inspire teams, encourage casual conversations, boost morale, strengthen team bonds, and drive engagement to deepen loyalty. Whether a company wants to host a board meeting, Friday happy hour, or other team-specific activities, purple cork helps them engage remote teams around an exclusive selection of wines/ food, helping employees, their peers, and business leaders get to know each other on a deeper level to improve connections.

When a company chooses Purple Cork for the virtual wine tasting service, they must first browse through the company’s list of partners to select the experience that best suits their event. Once selected, the purple cap and cellar teams manage shipping to ensure guests receive their tasting sets prior to the event. On the scheduled day, they connect all team members, customers, and executives using Zoom or another technology platform before starting the wine tasting with the winemaker.

Business owners looking to connect with their stakeholders can schedule a tasting by visiting https://www.purplecork.wine/ or calling (415) 264-5118. purple cork is located at 151 Petaluma Blvd S #219, Petaluma, CA, 94952, USA.

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