Quantity surveyor loses plot with wife after wine tasting in Falkirk


An argument over whether to order takeout then escalated and ended when police arrived and arrested John Dougan (45). He then violated his bail conditions by contacting his partner, just 10 minutes after his release.

Appearing in Falkirk Sheriff’s Court last Thursday, Dougan pleaded guilty to acting threateningly at his home at 47 Slamannan Road, Falkirk on September 26 and violating his bail conditions by contacting his partner at the address on September 27.

Procrator Tax MP Fiona Griffin said: “It was 3 pm and the witness and the accused had gone out for a wine tasting experience in Falkirk. They were out until 6.30 p.m. and the witness and the accused had been drinking.

Dougan behaved threateningly at an address in Slamannan Road, Falkirk

“The accused went to bed due to his level of drunkenness. He woke up at 11 pm and became aggressive towards the witness because he was hungry. The witness telephoned his sister.

“Over the phone, the accused was heard screaming and cursing at the witness. Police were contacted and the accused continued to scream and swear, which could be heard when the police called.

“He can be heard making various comments to the witness about his inability to care for a human being.”

Dougan was arrested and moments after his release broke the law again by contacting his partner.

“It was 8:20 am,” the deputy finance attorney said. “10 minutes after her release, the witness heard her phone ringing with a cell phone number that she recognized as the accused’s phone number.

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“She answered the phone and recognized his voice – she listened for a few moments, then cut the call. The accused called five more times, then went to the address, where he was. warned and charged by the police.

“He said to them ‘I tried to phone my parents, but they couldn’t get me, so I was trying to get the car.”

The court heard Dougan’s companion, who had been with him for 10 years and married to him for eight years, wanted no harassment to be put in place “as long as possible” to prevent him from having contact with him. she.

“She is very worried that the accused will come to her address once the case is over,” the deputy finance prosecutor said.

It was stated that Dougan had no history of violence and that the argument with his partner had started due to the drinking which had been “quite heavy” throughout the day.

Things got worse when the question arose as to whether or not to order takeout.

The court heard that this was the first time Dougan, a quantity surveyor, had been in court on a charge like this and he was upset that his marriage now appeared to be over.

Sheriff Craig Harris has postponed Dougan’s sentence for his good behavior for six months until April 20 of next year. The review of the non-harassment order also continued until that date.

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