Ride 5 Wine Tours of Paso Robles combines views, wine and food



Billy Cusimano, owner of Ride 5 Wine Tours from Paso Robles

“Sharing the best of Paso”

-Ride 5 Wine Tours owner of Paso Robles, Billy Cusimano, said he started Ride 5 Wine Tours with the intention of “sharing the best of Paso” by combining sights, wine and food. A Ride 5 winery tour includes visits to any list of wineries the client prefers and wineries in the area that are off the beaten track. With the number of award-winning wineries in the Paso Robles wine region, Cusimano said he enjoys introducing people to wineries that are tucked away off the beaten track. The treat of these wineries is that most of the award-winning wines are in limited supply and only available from the cellar.

Cusimano said it is important as the owner and operator of Ride 5 to provide customers with personalized attention and service. These services include the customer’s choice to visit specific wineries, asking Cusimano to create a personalized tour based on their personal wine preferences or a combination of the two. Whatever the choice, everyone can sit in the Ford Flex Titanium SUV from Cusimano and enjoy the day, the view and the wine.

“I drove circuits for over six years before starting my own business,” Cusimano said. “I provide personalized service that matches both the customer and the ever-changing trends in the Paso Robles area. Cusimano knows which wineries have food, which have picnics, and where the best restaurants are to pack the picnic or to relax at the end of the day with dinner. Each tour with Ride 5 Wine Tours includes a wine and cheese snack.

“I build friendships with my clients,” Cusimano said. “I create a comfortable wine touring experience that keeps customers coming back time and time again.” A leisurely stroll from one winery to another is part of the wine tasting experience. “I offer the best of both worlds including incredible routes and views,” said Cusimano. “I even have a secret spot on a lake that I love to share with my clients.”

A Ride 5 wine tour includes photographs from the day and can accommodate one person or a group of five or more. Groups of more than five people can be accommodated by appointment. The rate is $ 50 per hour. To book a tour or for more information, call Cusimano at (714) 454-9323 or email: [email protected] Don’t forget to request a visit to Cusimano’s favorite secret lake.

About the Author: Journalist Jackie Iddings

Jackie Iddings is a journalist and contributing photographer for the Paso Robles Daily News.


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