Special wine tasting held in Cirencester to celebrate Australia Day

A special wine tasting was held at Cirencester’s Marlborough Arms to celebrate Australia Day.

The event was organized by the Cirencester and City of Bathurst Friendship, an initiative between the city and the city of Bathurst, New South Wales.

It was established in 2017 after Bathurst Regional Council approached Cirencester City Council with a view to establishing a friendship and is supported by the Cirencester Community Development Trust Ltd.

The event was hosted in the Sheep Street pub by Phoenix Wines who now sell wine from the region in Australia.

Cllr Mark Harris said of the evening: “It was great to see so many people come out to try the different wines the Bathurst area has to offer. Australia has some great wines but few of them are commercially available in the UK.

“One of the things about friendship is trying to get people from both places to engage, whether that’s through education, friendship groups, or even businesses like us. we did it here.

“A big thank you to The Marlborough and Phoenix Wines for hosting us.”

The Cirencester Branch of Friendship will soon announce the next student heading to Australia. Alice Chandler from Cirencester College made the trip in 2018.

You can follow the work of the friendship through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts or email them to [email protected]

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