Tarrant County officials seek community input to help guide approach to pandemic recovery

Tarrant County officials are seeking public comment to help guide the county’s approach to pandemic recovery. All three surveys can be viewed online at the county’s website. (Courtesy of Adobe Stock)

Tarrant County officials are seeking community input on how the county continues to address the current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

County officials are asking relevant members of the public to complete one of the three polls—One for residents of Tarrant County, one for individuals representing local businesses, and one for individuals representing local nonprofits. The surveys are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese and are open until January 14.

The resident survey is available here; the business survey can be found here; non-profit survey can be found here; and a landing page with links to all three surveys can be found here.

According to a county spokesperson and descriptions at the top of the surveys, the data collected through the surveys will be analyzed and used to help inform the continuing efforts of county leaders related to the pandemic.

The resident survey, for example, asks how each respondent has been affected by the pandemic; what industry they worked in before the pandemic, if they were working at the time; and what areas of need they think the county should prioritize.

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