Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours adds FUV trips to its vehicle fleet

TEMECULA, CA – Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and drink in those rich earth tones of the Temecula Valley wine country while touring in a fun three-wheeled utility vehicle available from Temecula Cable Car Tours.

It’s not a golf cart and it’s not a motorcycle either. The new Arcimoto FUV is an “ultra-efficient electric vehicle for moving people and things”. Now it will also move wine lovers through Temecula’s many wineries as part of a new partnership between the manufacturer and the local travel company.

Photo courtesy: Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours

Each year, more than 3 million visitors explore Southern California’s Temecula Valley wine region, according to Visit Temecula Valley. With a temperate climate, it is a year-round getaway and vacation destination located in southwestern Riverside County. With few rainy days, it’s also the perfect place to drive with windows, a roof, or open-air cruising, like with the FUV. But is it easy to drive? More a car than a motorcycle, it does not require a specific permit, according to the manufacturers.

A quick lesson will get you up to speed. There’s a power dash, the choice of moving forward or backward, and a scooter-style wheel that’ll live up to your expectations as you traverse the hills and straights of wine country.

During your tour, you can stop wherever you like or visit included tasting locations.

“You will have the choice (depending on availability and date selected) of an included olive oil tasting, a chocolate and petting zoo experience, or a cheese tasting along an itinerary guided by GPS.

Ultimately, you’ll return through Old Town Temecula, stop and shop for a few minutes before returning to your fun utility vehicle.

Finally, enjoy a complimentary wine tasting with lunch or charcuterie for two to complete your experience and an exclusive urban winery.

For Lynn Yeager, director of the Arcimoto experience, Temecula Cable Car Wine Toursnow owned by Eat Drink Scare Tours, was the perfect company to partner with.

“We can’t wait for visitors to the Temecula Valley to experience the same electric feeling (as in Oregon’s wine country’s Willamette Valley),” Yeager said.

Temecula President Jared Broach’s Eat Drink Scare Tours designed a special “safe, responsible and exciting visit” for the Arcimoto FUV two-seater user.

Each guest will take their vehicle for a few stops at local vineyards for olive oil and chocolate tastings. When FUV tourists reach their final destination, the tour ends “with an epic wine tasting,” he said.

According to Yeager, Arcimoto liked the idea of ​​the travel agency’s fully restored San Francisco Cable Car, as well as the company’s energy.

“We think the FUV will be a great new option for those who want a more, shall we say, dynamic driving experience,” Yeager said.

Temecula Valley CEO and President Scott Wilson agrees.

“We are thrilled to promote the wine region’s first all-electric tour,” he said. “If you thought exploring Temecula in a classic San Francisco cable car was awesome, wait until you try the FUV.”

For more information visit: Arcimoto | Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours

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