The best American brandies to celebrate the holidays


In Wisconsin, giving cognac is a popular holiday tradition. But you don’t have to live in America’s Dairyland to participate in this wonderful custom and delicious custom to drink. Here is an overview of some great American brandies to offer this year.

Overturning Cask Aged Goliath, $ 25.99

Part of the Brewmasters series from the Central Standard Craft Distillery, this brandy is aged in barrels that previously contained Toppling Goliath stout, from the famous Iowa brewery, and before containing beer, the barrels were filled with Maple syrup. This combination of flavors imparts a subtle espresso aroma with hints of chocolate, caramel and just the slightest finish of maple syrup. This Milwaukee-based distillery also makes delicious North WI brandy, which is aged for at least two years in oak barrels before being finished in bourbon barrels.

Laird’s 10th generation bottled in Bond Apple Brandy, $ 44.99

For more than two centuries, nine generations of the Laird family have produced potatoes and apple brandy. To commemorate the 10th generation family that has preserved this vibrant American tradition, Laird & Company celebrates with Laird’s 10th Generation Apple Brandy. Blended from selected barrels and aged for five years, this smooth and extremely drinkable brandy is bottled on bail.

Gold reserve of Korbel VSOP, $ 17

Made with the same commitment to its Californian champagnes, this brandy begins with a blend of red and white grapes that are harvested overnight to ensure they arrive cold at the distillery. Korbel, which is the only major brandy maker who maintains full control over the entire brandy-making process from grape to bottle, presses the grapes and then ferments them using some of the same cuvee techniques and then them. Base wines are quietly distilled in a copper column and then aged in charred oak barrels. The brandy is aged for a few years and then only the best casks are mixed in the Gold Reserve VSOP. The finished brandy offers a nuanced, smoky aroma, and only 1,500 bottles are made. If you prefer your brandy to be rather sweet, then Korbel XS brandy, which is mixed with small amounts of spices, vanilla, orange and cane sugar, might be for you.

Press House, $ 36

Made at the Wollersheim Distillery, Press House is a recreation of the brandy made on site in the 1870s, and no sweeteners or caramel coloring are added. This Wisconsin brandy is made from a blend of Native American grapes like those grown on the estate before Prohibition. “Each batch is blended from barrels from multiple vintages, using both new and used barrels to balance the sweet wood characters like vanilla and caramel with the fruity, fragrant flavors we get from the grapes,” explains Jessi Schoville, Marketing Director.

Bertoux, $ 45

If you are looking for a brandy that acts more like a whiskey in cocktails, then this is the principle behind Bertoux, a brandy made from French Colombard grapes, aged in American and French oak barrels. “It was really the project, to use the resurgent interest in brown spirits, but to think about the initial role that brandy had as a forward-thinking spirits in (the original) cocktail culture, and we used techniques to develop a brandy that hasn’t been in Wills since probably before Prohibition, ”says founder Jeff Menashe. Menashe says Bertoux goes really well in any vacation cocktail, but he recommends trying it in a Manhattan.

Sacred bond, $ 17.99

The brandy Christian Bros. Sacred Bond is an authentic bond-bottled brandy produced from one season of distillation, by a distiller, in a distillery, aged for at least four years in American white oak bourbon casks – used Heaven Hill bourbon casks , to be exact. Made from Thompson and Colombard grapes, the base wine is distilled in copper stills before the start of its aging process.

Great Lakes Barrel Aged Pear Brandy, $ 25

Ripe pears grown in the Midwest are ground, fermented, distilled and then aged for over two years to become that barrel-aged brandy. Only two full barrels of this brandy were produced. The production methods and flavors of this brandy are reminiscent of French Calvados, but with a pear twist. If apple is your preference, this Milwaukee handcrafted distillery also regularly produces Brightenwoods apple brandy, as well as a seasonal range of other fruit brandies, including a brandy. just as delicious plum life.

Saint-Julien, $ 44.99

If you can drop by the tasting room at St. Julian Winery before the holidays, you should buy a bottle of brandy from this Michigan winery / distillery. Made from Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Vidal Blanc grapes, this brandy is smooth and creamy, with hints of vanilla, toffee and even chocolate. This brandy is aged and made from fruit grown in Michigan.


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