The best decanters for entertaining

There’s something more satisfying about giving a gift that can be used almost immediately. Especially when you introduce it to a host who seemingly has it all; a thoughtful and practical offer is always a success. These decanters are just that – which also make wonderful gifts that can be put to good use throughout holiday entertaining.

Here are seven unique decanters and carafes that make a statement both as gifts and as holiday centerpieces.

Wine breather carafe

This mouth-blown glass decanter makes a statement from presentation to palette as it is designed for red wine lovers to enjoy a solo glass of wine without waste. It might seem to defy gravity, but flip the decanter upside down so the wine passes through the steel or brass lid (housing the aeration unit), then flip it upside down again so the wine comes through. deposit in the original bottle. MSRP $70,

Waterford Elegance Tempo decanter

The name of this decanter leaves little to the imagination; the tubular crystal stopper is undoubtedly elegant and when you pour a bottle of wine through its curves, it is simply mesmerizing. The unique shape is what helps add oxygen to wine and presents a striking alternative to the traditional wide bottom decanter. MSRP $295,

Murano glass carafe

For a decanter that evokes a sense of place, splurge on this decanter by Carlo Moretti, part of the Sense of Lake collection designed for Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The barware is vibrant yet tasteful, with all the swirls and flecks of color as the hand-ornamented finishes of the Italian glass. Accent colors range from a combination of white, green, and red strokes to simple swirls of red and white. MSRP $261,

Haand Cloud Cirrus Vase

Although this product is listed as a vase, the North Carolina-based designers behind Haand, point out that the “belly and curves of this shape” work just as well as a decanter. In fact, the shape is inspired by southwestern water storage jars and Mediterranean typologies. The design is the newest in their Cloudware collection, offering a whimsical take on Wedgwood Jasperware, while mimicking the clouds of a North Carolina afternoon (no piece is ever the same as it’s meant to reflect the constant movement of these passing clouds). MSRP $95,

Pitcher Cellars Decanter

This globe decanter adds a dramatic silhouette to any tablescape with its multi-dimensional design by Rafi Ajl and hand-blown in the Oakland-based Glow Glass studio. Only 50 of the decanters are made at a time, as are their signature Broc Cellars matching glass sets, so when they run out you’ll have to wait for a restock. As beautiful as the decanter itself is, it is also available in a gift box with two or four glasses. MSRP $150,

Josephine Brilliant Magnum

If there is any truth to the saying “bigger is better”, then Josephine’s magnum decanter does it better. Glass designer Kurt Josef Zalto pitches his new decanter as a suitable option for magnum bottles (holding 1.5 liters compared to the 750ml of a standard wine bottle) but also for wines that benefit from greater exposure to oxygen. It may take up more room on the table, but the design stays true to the sleek style of the Austrian glassmaker. MSRP $200,

Rolf Glass Bourbon Street Decanter

This intricately cut decanter was designed as an ode to the French Quarter of New Orleans; etchings in Turkish glass depict the chaotic passageways of Bourbon Street, polished to refract light in the most sparkling (and regal) way. Sweeten the deal by wrapping this decanter with a bottle of your recipient’s favorite bourbon. MSRP $130,

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