The UrbanDaddy 2021 holiday gift guide


Holiday gifts for kids are easy.

These are the fully educated adults in your life that you struggle with.

Fortunately, there is alcohol for that.

And Wagyu noodles and clubs and crispy rum and hot butter milk chocolate bars run by celebrity chefs and … More

Things you’ll find in notable abundance in UrbanDaddy’s 2021 holiday gift guide.

It is so delicious that you will most certainly be hungry while reading it. And most likely, order some of these things for yourself.

Now, without further ado, on Donner, on Comet and on Blitzen … especially Blitzen.

The first day of noodles, your true love got you a A-Sha “12 days of noodles” gift box of cult wheat noodles with mandarin orange in three different flavors, using a patented century-old Taiwanese recipe that is never fried or frozen. And “five good ol ‘riiiiings !!” This is our favorite part.

Balkan brandy: Yebiga comes from Faith No More bassist Bill Gould, whose mission is to bring Rakija, Serbia’s beloved plum-distilled brandy to the United States. This is a traditional spirit, made 100% naturally, with an incredible fresh flavor and a lingering finish that very few have had the pleasure of tasting before. Distilled in the family and made by hand, Yebiga Rakija comes in two varieties: Delicate and floral Bela and golden Prva aged in oak barrels. Both are some of the best labels we’ve ever seen.

There is luxury olive oil. And then there is Olio Piro, which comes from Tuscany, contains the highest levels of polyphenols available and was named “Best in the World” this year by the prestigious guide Flos Olei. And, as you surely know, these olive oil judges aren’t the type to spoil about.

The White wine: 1924 is a Californian chardonnay aged in scotch barrels. Its rich and leathery notes of caramel, tobacco and apple pie make it perfect to accompany salmon and ribs. Although we prefer to combine it with scotch.

If you crave caviar, but your vacation budget is getting smaller and smaller, Markey’s Sterlet caviar starts at just $ 50 an ounce. And it is also sustainable. So challenge anyone to say something.

Irish whiskey: Teeling Single Malt 30 years was distilled in 1991 before being intoned in old bourbon barrels and later sentenced to 9 years in prison in Sauternes wine barrels. Highly desirable, it won’t be available in the US until January. But look, if whiskey can wait 30 years, your gift can wait 30 days.

Just before you think they’ve got it and give up, you find out LA’s High Mess Holiday Deluxe Gift Basket. It contains two bottles of Northern California wine, Montaraz jamon cebo de campo, Modena balsamic vinegar, Fabbri Fragola strawberries in syrup, Giusto Roman artichokes and many other luxurious appetizers and ingredients. Congratulations, you have just won a gift.

The Añejo Private Reserve: Black Tequila Azunia matured for an additional two years on location at Rancho Miravalle in Jalisco, Mexico, before being numbered, signed, and later slowly sipped by someone you love, who will think of you and your generosity as they say something like, “damn, I should have given them a better gift.”

Jing Gao’s Fly By Jing now offers three kinds of dumplings your giveaway can keep in the freezer until showtime, including XLB soup balls. It’s the kind of gift that overturns the whole assumption on Earth that we shouldn’t give away frozen food for the holidays.

The Red wine : Imagine their excitement when they tear off a small corner of wrapping paper and first discover the name “Robert Mondavi”, the two most legendary words in Napa Valley wine. The Reserve To Kalon 2017 vineyard embodies the icon’s best Cabernet grape varieties of its most famous vineyard. What you will do your best to explain above their cries of joy.

Death & Co. has a new book called “Welcome Home,” to help you whip up over 600 home bar-level cocktail recipes, plus her top pro tips for fine-tuning yourself in a drinking machine. A person fully sensitive to this.

Eand Tequila Blanco: The Lalo is traditionally made, twice distilled, well diluted in water, top quality Tequila blanco from the Jaliscan Highlands, founded by the grandson of tequila legend Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada. Or “Don Julio” as we have always called him.

Whether they are anglophiles, turophiles or both, The Great Britain Cheeseboard gift box should make their stiff upper lip tremble in anticipation. The five coveted cheeses in the region include a black truffle cheddar, an authenticated Stilton and a Devonshire red from grass-fed cows, as well as a fig chutney and Bath crackers. Oh, and a board, of course.

The Double Barrel Extra Anejo: Mico Tequila is a whole new expression of Blue Weber distilled agave aged in Kentucky Bourbon casks and finished in Jordan Winery cabernet casks for an average of 44 months, or about 8 months beyond the typical additional anejo. Solidify your reputation as someone who refuses to undergo regular tequila.

They love crispy chili. So they will love it Chili Crunch from Momofuku, which comes in a 3-pack with flavors like black and extra spicy truffle. Life can really be that simple sometimes.

The unexpected gin: Created by four Californian women (including the two founders of Coolhaus), Future Gin represents the Golden State thanks to unique plants such as Meyer lemon and avocado leaf, fig leaf and honeysuckle. And unlike its name, it can be very popular in the present.

Your gift was curious about mushrooms. That’s why you filled their bottom with ReNude Chagaccino Superfood Coffee Boost Supplement, so they can sprinkle an insane amount of antioxidants into their morning coffee. Without the colors and the dancing smurfs and the breathing walls other less famous mushrooms.

Kentucky Bourbon Limited Edition: Wild Turkey’s Master’s Keep One is an extremely limited alloy of 101 proofs Bourbon aged 9-10 and Bourbon aged 14, reunited and then subjected to further maturation in new charred and toasted oak barrels, uniting the tastes and vision of distiller Eddie Russell with those of his master distiller father , Jimmy. Which means that it would be extremely safe to reserve a bottle for your own father.

Seattle Chocolate Holiday Classic Bar Trio Contains special edition seasonal flavors like hot buttered rum, candy cane crunch and peanut butter crunch in wrappers by artist Frida Clements. Plus, every purchase benefits the National Wildlife Federation. So even if they were to, say, eat the whole box immediately, it’s a decision everyone can still feel good about.

The Whiskey Dessert: The Macallan Harmony Rich Cacao collection is a sought-after single malt sourced from selected barrels and made in collaboration with pastry chef Jordi Roca from Michelin-starred restaurant El Celler de Can Roca. The result is a gourmet chocolate-flavored whiskey that comes in a box made from upcycled cocoa pods and goes perfectly with dessert. Resistance is futile.

A gift box of spice blends from Japanese master chef Morimoto. Because seasoning is half the battle.

The spirit of cannabis: MXXN is an alcohol-free spirit infused with cannabis made in flavors reminiscent of gin, whiskey and tequila. Will it be okay to drink in the dry month of January? We hereby support the ‘yes’s’.

Herve is a range of expertly crafted and quite attractive French edibles infused with THC, including the delicious macaroons you see in front of you. Something tells us that there are one or two moms who will appreciate them.

Mezcal Artisanal: Madre Mezcal has just added its first espadin to its premium and flavorful artisanal mezcal offerings. Give it as a gift, then stick around for a bit in the hope that they will open it. It will be worth every awkward silence.

You can give UmamiCart Two Way 15 Piece Holiday Roast Duck Kits. In a box left under a tree. Or by making it yourself for everyone in your family and presenting it to the holiday table. It depends on how much time you’re really trying to spend with these people.

Gin: Gin Small Batch Watermelon & Cucumber Mint Gin from Gin Lane 1751 is a compelling and versatile gin with subtle and intriguing flavors that go very well in a martini or simply on ice. Yes, we did the research. Hi !

It’s called alcohol dustso let’s face it, they’re going to love it before they even find out that it’s a handy powder based mixer that turns your basic spirits into instant cocktails while keeping you hydrated. Although it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Uncommon Mezcal: Madre, Oaxaca’s vibrant LA restaurant, has the largest selection of mezcal in the United States, including rarities you’ll never find at BevMo … or wherever you go. Plus … they ship to all 50 states! The exclamation seems appropriate here.

Dark chocolates with black Périgord truffle. Summer truffle pesto. Soy sauce infused with black truffle. Olive oil infused with white truffle. These are the decadent results when caviar paradise Petrossian sets course for the revaluation of your holiday meals. They also have a special vintage edition of his legendary boxes of caviar for large orders. Literally everyone wins.

The small Bourbon lot: Six years old, 46% ABV Bib & Tucker is the artfully designed productvanilla, butterscotch flavored bourbon in small batches that you’d enjoy if you were a cowboy in the 1880s. But goes just as well with a laptop and a football game from the couch.

First light steak club offers monthly cups of the highest possible marble score grass-fed New Zealand Wagyu, along with access to exclusive cups, knowledge, gear and more. And since we are talking here, and therefore are friends, we just want you to know that we wouldn’t be crazy to get this. Not crazy at all. No pressure.

Whiskey anything but unobtainable: The Dalmore Decades collection includes five vintages of extremely rare whiskey from the past five decades from the production of the precious Scottish distillers. It’s only on sale at one location in the US (Wally’s in Santa Monica) and is valued at $ 275,000, if they even choose to sell it. Which makes them a bit like the Furby or the Tickle Me Elmo as holiday gifts for today’s scotch junkies.


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