Where to do a wine tasting in Woodinville



The Woodinville truism: The city is constantly changing. Each year, additional wineries exercise their profession; from time to time a new tasting space emerges. Even longtime aficionados can spend an entire day exploring these recent arrivals.

Start in the Hollywood neighborhood at the former DeLille Carriage House, now done up in shades of white and known as the The Jaine Cottage. This is the tasting room of a new Matthews wine estate; it is dedicated to white and sparkling wines. As the name suggests, the space has classic chalet charm – light, bright, and comfortable, with outdoor seating.

The building’s former tenant, DeLille, now occupies a multi-level building in the former Red Hook Brewery. Stop for lunch at The Lounge at Caves DeLille and fortify yourself with fresh pasta, salads or snacks to share in a beautiful industrial hall before heading north to the Warehouse District to discover two excellent new wineries.

The first is Quiddity from winemaker Greg Peiker, another achievement from Northwest Wine Academy in West Seattle. Like many wineries in Woodinville, the tasting room is devoid of frills and premium wines – and these Rhone-style reds are some of Washington’s most impressive new offerings in recent years. It’s tempting to linger, but move closer Category 5 cellars. Owner and winemaker Jason Smith spent more than two decades in technology (yes, that’s a circuit on the winery label) before returning to his farming roots. For the wines, Smith blends hot and cold vineyard fruits and brings the best of both.

End the day by exploring Woodinville’s burgeoning tasting area, Woodin Creek Village. The new development houses apartments, tasting rooms, restaurants and even a nail salon. Good neighbor Woodin Creek Kitchen and Faucet opened here recently with a large menu, as well as an excellent list of beers, while Taco lifted across the street you’ll find everything from beets and pork belly to cheese fried in corn and flour tortillas.


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