Wine Company Offers Mind-Blowing ‘Lifetime Membership’ For Just US$6,000

A California wine company is offering its members four bottles of wine a month for their lifetime, although it acknowledges that “it’s a really bad deal for us”.

As far as financial betting goes, it’s quite the punt. California-based company Obvious Wines has launched a deal for 2022, in which members can sign up for a “Lifetime Wine Membership”.

For US$6,000, members can order four bottles of wine from the company’s website per month, every month, for the rest of their lives.

Any wine currently listed on the Obvious Wines website is eligible for ordering, shipping and taxes are covered, and limited-edition wines are also eligible.

Calling it “an excellent deal given rising inflation rates”, Jake Ralph of Obvious Wines says members will see a “return on their investment in just seven years”.

But, will Obvious Wines see a return to theirs?

With the current life expectancy for US residents in 2021 estimated at 78.99 years, essentially 79, according to UN projections, this means that if a 21-year-old legal drinker signed up to the Obvious Wine deal, they would benefit of 2,784 bottles of wine throughout their lifetime membership, if they lived to age 79.

That works out to 46 cents per bottle of wine. A single bottle of wine purchased from the company’s website starts at US$18.

58 years of membership = 696 months x 4 bottles per month = 2,784 bottles of wine per lifetime

2,784 per life divided by US$6,000 = 0.464 = 46 cents per bottle.

“We’ve done the math and it’s a really bad deal for us, but hey, you only live once,” a statement on the website.

Obvious Wines is marketing the deal as a wise investment for subscribers, describing it as “a Roth WineRA”.

A statement released by the company says, “Who knows what a sustainable, boutique bottle of wine will look like in 10 to 20 years?”

It’s unclear what would happen to the Lifetime Membership if the business were to be sold, or if a new buyer would be forced to honor existing memberships. However, it’s a way for a relatively young company (Obvious Wines was founded in 2018) to get in on the big bucks, fast.

Brice Baillie, Founder and CEO of Obvious Wine said: “What if you always knew you had a quality wine to take home? What if you never had to worry about having wine for an unexpected guest again?

“Working in the wine business, we can be somewhat desensitized to these conveniences as we often have an excess of great boutique wines at our fingertips. Our goal is to make that same peace of mind more accessible.

Obvious Wines describes itself as an eco-friendly vegan wine collection that works with family-run wineries dedicated to sustainable practices ranging from solar power to organic farming.

Its wines include Bright & Crisp, a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley; Rich & Oaky, a California chardonnay; Dark & ​​Bold, a red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tannat and Malbec.

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