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WINE HISTORY: Customers can press the NFC tag on the bottle with their phone to access tasting notes

Customers purchasing wine from the Boisset Collection can now authenticate their purchase and access tasting notes, information on the origin of the wine, stories and videos by pressing an NFC tag embedded in the bottle label with their smartphone.

The family-owned winery – which owns wineries in the United States, France and Canada – has started adding NFC labels to wine bottles in its JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset line. It is initially making them available to members of its wine clubs for collectors and connoisseurs in California before a wider rollout later this year.

“The JCB label is affixed to the JCB Passion bottle and used as a powerful protection against the multibillion dollar problem of wine counterfeiting, and to provide access to ‘unique’ marketing and personal testimonials from designer Jean-Charles Boisset available via the NFC label ”, specifies the company.

“Unlike QRs or barcodes, an NFC tag does not use any readable space on the tag and does not require line-of-sight or adequate lighting conditions to be scanned.

“With NFC technology now integrated into most modern smartphones, consumers simply hold their device near the JCB branded tag and instantly access a consumer experience coupled with validation compatible with the digital ledger. “

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