Wine tasting bar opens inside Californian Hotel



Foley Entertainment Group adds another unique experience by integrating the wines of the Foley family inside the new California hotel.

Just weeks after announcing the acquisition of the Californian Hotel, the 121-room luxury resort just steps from the Santa Barbara coast, the Foley Food & Wine Society opened a tasting room at the inside the property, currently inside Djinn, the hotel bar library adjoining the lobby. With the permanent location slated to open in early 2022 at the corner of State and Mason streets, the now-open tasting room offers a decadent glimpse into the exciting experiences to come.

Since entering the wine business in 1996, Foley Family Wines has operated throughout California as well as other parts of the United States and around the world with wineries in New Zealand, Argentina and France. For second-generation winemaker Courtney Foley, bringing the company’s wines to the heart of the American Riviera in Santa Barbara adds a personal touch.

“It’s been a long journey to growing our wine business and now it’s available to people who live and work in Santa Barbara,” said Foley. “It’s good to have something downtown now – in a city where I grew up and a city that I still consider my hometown.”

Four wineries on the Central Coast near the Californian Hotel will be included in all tasting options. These wineries include Lincourt, Firestone, Chalone and Foley Estates, all close to the hotel. In the Californian Hotel’s tasting room, the first of three tasting flights will be free for Connoisseur Club members, which is one of the many benefits of becoming a member. The other two offerings, Taste of Wine Country and Riviera Reserve, feature Foley family wines from the Central Coast of California to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. For those who are already familiar with Foley wines, these tastings provide a broader knowledge of specific wines from the AVA (American Wine Zones) up and down the West Coast.

According to Foley, the goal is to provide an educational experience for guests about growing the Foley Family Wines business and teaching them the wines of different unique AVAs and how to pair them perfectly with delicious bites. This tasting room will provide guests with valuable information about the wines, food and history of the Foley Food & Wine Society.

“What we are trying to achieve is not only to show our clients what we have been able to do in the industry and how we have grown, but also to provide them with an educational experience, so when they go, they learned something new about a growing site, a varietal or something about our business, ”said Foley.“ We want to create something where people feel they have won something from their experience. ”

Even for those who aren’t as invested in wine as others, visiting the Californian Hotel’s tasting room is still a worthwhile investment of time. It is the perfect location for locals, guests and visitors who just want to relax and enjoy their day on the American Riviera like no other.

“We try to meet people where they are and give them more tools to invest more in the wines they want, or just give them a wonderful experience where they can get away from it all and enjoy it. a beautiful afternoon in Santa Barbara. “

Foley Entertainment Group continues to find ways to entertain and deliver premier hotel experiences. The Foley family are delighted to bring their wines to a place close to their hearts, as well as to associate their wine business with their new iconoclastic hotel.

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