Wine tasting event raises £1,100 for Friends of Friarage

HONESTY was in short supply at a “Call my Bluff” wine tasting party hosted and hosted by the Rotary Club of Northallerton.

The large reception room at the Allerton Court Hotel in Northallerton was packed with a bustling gathering of Wanabee wine experts, who faced tough decisions after each of the six wines were described by three persuasive ‘sommeliers’ and humorous, two of which were lies.

After the three of them described each wine, the audience teams had to decide, after tasting, which description was the most accurate, in terms of grape variety, country of origin and retail price.

Points were awarded for each of the categories and the winning team consisted of Nicola Proud, Tracy Townsend, Lisa Lynch and Rowena Wallace. Team leader Nicola said: “We are thrilled to come to something different like this and to support two charities, the Rotary Club and Friends of Friarage. It has been great fun and wonderful to know that we help the Friarage Hospital which is so dear to our families.”

Real Rotarian Sommelier David Ison, who led the event, thanked local sponsors who provided wine and other support. Over £1,100 has been raised for Friends of Friarage, the charity selected to benefit from the Northallerton Rotary Club’s 75th anniversary fundraiser this year.

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