Wine tasting room keeps changes made due to COVID

SANTA CLARITA, California – Behind every pour, there is a story of wine and how it was made. This is one of the reasons Anthony Bowers enjoys drinking wine.

“This was when it was fun for me because that’s when I wanted to start learning what I actually drink,” Bowers said.

The apprenticeship is one of the reasons he joined the Double Trouble Wine Room wine club in Newhall Old Town. The tasting room has done away with the big wine picking evenings of the past and made them more intimate.

“I walked in and they served me a flight and they talked about each one. What’s in it and why we did what we did, what should taste like, what are the components. In my tasting expertise it’s like, I’m tasting this? Is that what it is? It’s like you’re exactly on it and it creates that camaraderie and friendship that is kinda awesome, ”Bowers said of his experience.

The changes were not made entirely by choice. Doug Minnick is the owner and winemaker of Hoi Polloi Winery. The cellar is one of two cellars inside the Double Trouble wine room.

“We would have so many people in this place it was like a barrel but with amazing wine,” he said.

They couldn’t have big parties due to COVID-19 restrictions, so they started creating a reservation system where wine club members signed up for time slots. This gave the wine club members a one-on-one experience and sometimes with the person who made the wine.

“It turns out that everyone likes it better than having the big one free for everyone. We kept doing it and I tend to keep it that way because everyone loves it, ”Minnick said.

A change that may not have been intentional is now the new normal at Double Trouble Wine Room, and that suits Bowers, whose goal is to become a winemaker, perfectly.

“Syrah is my favorite wine. This is where I want to start, but we will eventually go into some blends as well, possibly through the winemaker,” he said.

Bowers said he hopes to use what he learns to make an exceptional wine.

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