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The earliest mention of wine in the Indian context dates back to 1500-500 BCE. The Indo-Aryans indulged in intoxicating drinks, and the Vedas, too, speak of an alcoholic drink, called Sura, a rice wine fermented with honey. Interestingly, it was Chanakya who made the first mention of grape-based wines in his writings: in his chronicles from the court of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, Chanakya condemns the frequent consumption of a grape wine called madhu.

Centuries later, the Kshatriyas (a social order in Hindu society) claimed that wine was their favorite drink while the lower classes generally drank alcohol made from wheat, barley and millet. Under Mughal rule, however, alcohol was banned completely due to religious restrictions.

Portuguese settlers arrived in the 16th century and introduced port to India, while British rulers also encouraged winemaking to meet their own needs. And soon, vineyards developed in Baramati (Maharashtra), Kashmir and Surat.

The state of Maharashtra has been dubbed the wine capital of India. With a favorable climate and relatively straightforward government regulations, wine producers flock to Maharashtra and set up wineries there. These factors have also made it one of the largest wine regions in the country. The state’s vineyards are found in the Deccan Plateau region and around Baramati, Nashik, Pune, Solapur and Sangli.

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Some of the state’s best-known wineries are Sula, Fratelli Wines, York Winery, Chateau d’Ori, Grover Zampa, and Vallonne. Nashik, in particular, with its warm days and cool nights, provides an ideal setting for growing vines. This type of climate ensures that the grapes retain their acidity and develop a distinct flavor.

Wine tourism is growing in popularity as evidenced by the growing number of wineries that host spirit-oriented tastings and festivals. Gorgeous locations, luxurious retreats, and a unique vacation experience draw all to the wineries. The famous Sula vineyards in February host an annual festival called Sulafest, which features live music. The vineyards of Grover Zampa host The Great Grover Stomp, and as the name suggests, this festival encourages attendees to stomp on grapes for fun.

Given the attraction of wine that the state holds for most travelers, some of the best beverages around the world are sometimes available in iconic stores and stores. At Dorabjee department store in Pune, for example, you can’t miss the impressive selection of international wines and chocolates on offer.

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Drinking a glass of wine every now and then is known to have health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Indians are apparently paying attention to this as the consumption of wine in the country intensifies. In fact, according to industry reports, wine consumption in India is increasing at a constant rate of 20-25%. Wine is a booming economic sector which is finally “exploited”.

Where to do a wine tasting in Maharashtra
Nashik is home to some of the major wine producers in India. There are around 50 wineries around Nashik and the most famous are located near the Gangapur Dam (10 km from the city). Sula, Fratelli and York are among the popular wineries here. They even have tasting rooms and offer tours for visitors.

Vineyards of Sula, Nashik
He pioneered wine production in the Nashik region and subsequently revolutionized the Indian wine industry. Today it is not only a market leader, but an area worth seeing. In February, head to the famous Sulafest musical show. Alternatively, enjoy a luxurious stay in one of their Sky Villas, while indulging in tours and tastings.

The Sky Villa at Sula Vineyards

Soma vineyard village
Calling it a “vineyard village” is a bit modest. After all, Soma has a resort with attractions such as an adventure park, spa, plenty of dining options, entertainment rooms, and stylish pool villas. Don’t forget to taste their Sauvignon Blanc Dessert and stay in their “Barrel House”. Tours and tastings take place seven days a week.

Vallone vineyards, Nashik
In this very scenic area of ​​Nashik, you can sip your wine while dining at a lakeside restaurant near the famous Malaka Spice. After that, you can retire to your room, which promises a breathtaking view.

Fratelli vineyards
The Fratelli vineyard is located approximately 170 km from Pune, the nearest airport. Most major airlines fly to Pune. The trip from the airport to the vineyard takes 3-4 hours depending on road conditions. The vineyard offers pick-up and drop-off facilities. However, book in advance. Mumbai is approximately 330 km from the vineyard. The journey takes between 6 and 7 hours.

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