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The new owners of Kiwi Air in Clarkston have added wine tours to the list of services offered by the company.

Blake Malo and Samantha Poirier acquired the business from Mark and Jeannie Stanton. Mark Stanton is retiring after spending a year with the company as Director of Maintenance.

Kiwi Air continues to offer tours of eastern Washington, north-central Idaho, and eastern Oregon that depart from a helipad near Walmart in Clarkston. The most popular is a one-hour tour that costs $ 600 for three passengers, Poirier said.

A wine tour costs $ 300 for three people. Customers fly to Lindsay Creek Vineyards in the Lewiston Orchards, spend 75 minutes in the winery, then return.

Malo and Poirier bring extensive experience to the company. The couple previously worked at Quicksilver Air in Fairbanks, Alaska, where they were the senior pilot. The two put GPS collars on wolves, moose, elk, deer and caribou. Professional horse educator, she took care of the animals and he did the flight.

They saw that Kiwi Air was for sale when they visited their parents in Oregon and decided to change and work for themselves.

Both have been flying for years. Malo became a helicopter pilot on his 16th birthday and once worked for a company that toured over living volcanoes in Hawaii.

Poirier also has a commercial helicopter license. She tours, but generally manages the back office functions of the company.

Kiwi Air can be reached by calling (509) 751-9000.


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