Your guide to Raleigh’s Sip n’ Stroll neighborhood

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — On Monday, the start of Raleigh’s social neighborhood, Sip n’ Stroll Downtown. The district allows open container consumption on city sidewalks within designated boundaries. More than 60 companies have agreed to participate in one form or another.

Below is your guide to when, where, and how you can participate in the Social Quarter:

Opening hours and limits

The district will be in operation seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

But when there are special events in the district, that event will take precedence over the district. The city has decided that special event permit holders will decide if they want to allow the district to operate during their event.

Sip n’ Stroll Downtown will operate in the Fayetteville Street neighborhood of Raleigh. Its boundaries extend to the Red Hat Amphitheater, the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, and the edge of Moore Square.

Alcohol is not permitted in city parks and social district mugs are not permitted in Moore Square or Nash Square.

Special cups

The City of Raleigh and Downtown Raleigh Alliance are in the process of obtaining a specific social district. While these are secure, businesses must provide their own disposable cups which show where the cup was filled and the time and date it was sold.

Cups should not exceed 16 ounces and recycling receptacles should be placed near the door to the business.

Customers cannot sell more than two beers or wines at a time. They cannot be sold more than one drink containing alcohol at a time.

Participating locations

Businesses are not required to participate in the district. Businesses domiciled in the neighborhood can choose to sell drinks in their establishment, welcome them but not sell them, or prohibit all outside drinks from entering their establishment.

Window stickers indicating whether a business is participating in the district will be placed on their window.

Window stickers indicating the status of participation will be hung in the companies.

So far, more than 40 companies have agreed to sell drinks as part of the neighborhood. 20 others agreed to welcome the drinks in their establishment but not to sell them.

Chicken + Honey Beasley’s 311 Gallery CAME Raleigh
Bida Manda Alter Ego Lounge Death & Taxes
bittersweet Art space lucettegrace
Bhavana Brewery black friday market Munjo Munjo
Central Mexican Restaurant City Market Artists Collective Poole’s dinner
Crank Arm Brewing Company Copperline Factory Company Zenith Raleigh
El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant Select
Element Gourmet Brewery Davis + Rhodes Home
Garland gathering gallery
Sauce Swank Clothing House
Jimmy V Osteria and Bar NASHONA Store
West Junction office revolution
historic tavern Pop-up shops in Martin Street
Lincoln Theater read with me
Children’s books and art
Mofu Shop The Raleigh Vault
Oak City Meatball Shop The succulent ZEN
Restaurant at the edge of the park Raleigh Pub Trolley
pies by the pool Unorthodox Vintage
Raleigh Convention Center and
Performing Arts Complex
Videri chocolate factory
Residence Inn Raleigh Downtown
luxury ruby
Short walk wines
Sir Walter’s Cafe
So no
St. Roch
Tasty drinks company
The architect
The big easy
The DTR bridge
The Darby
The Davie
The kitchen of fiction
The Junction Lounge and Bar
morning times
The pit
The For House Music Hall &
record store
Raleigh time
Tonbo Ramen
Chez Virgile/The Merchant
Watts and room
Kitchen Whiskey
Woody’s at City Market
Distillation of young hearts

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